B L O G G I N G F R O M A – Z*


For April I’ve decided to team up with a number of different bloggers on a number of different platforms and stay committed to writing one post every day throughout April. Call me crazy but it sounded fun to me! Each post will be based on a letter of the alphabet. I’m sure you get the point. Each post can have its own theme or the month of April can have a theme. For example, For ‘A’ I could write a post on air brushing and for ‘B’, a post on Blogging. The two aren’t linked by a theme. However, April could have a Beauty theme and then ‘A’ could be for Acne and ‘B’ for Bobbi Brown. I’m undecided which route I’ll take but am already planning a few blog posts two months early! (I have exams during that period but still wish to take part).

I also have a few drafts that I’m working on just now and have an entire week off next week to get stuck into them and a few others. But in the meantime, what type of things would you guys like to see between now and April? Let me know in the comments and I’ll get onto it.

If you guys want to commit to 26 days of blogging you can sign up here. If you’re just interested in finding some cool new blogs to read then check out the same link for a full list of nearly 700  bloggers (so far) who are taking part in 2014. Each blog will have a code next to it. I believe FA is Fashion and LI is Lifestyle and so on.


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