B E A U T Y | M U A L U X E L A C Q U E R S*

MUA LUXE Lip Lacquer review w/ swatches

These are definitely not Valentines lip products. In fact, these are probably something you’d only wear if you wanted to bag yourself a Valentine for next year! But I just had to share the MUA Luxe Lip Lacquers with you and seen as I’m at the computer today, there’s no time like the present for a review.

Now, I snagged these from here there and everywhere because some were out of stock so I had to go to a Superdrug to get another. And for £3…. It really was a done deal. The frosted packaging is a really big plus too. You can clearly see the colours and it feels very luxurious to the touch. ….hat was about three months ago so I’ve had a good while to test them out since then.

lip swatch

The three shades I own are, Funk, Kooky and Reckless. (See images above). Each is just as fun and fabulous as the next. – (There are two other shades, Criminal and Atomic but they would just look scary on me. (They’re the two brightest shades) If you’re interested in them for spring then check out Emma Pickles or Beas Beauty Blog.  

- Funk - Hot pink with purple undertones.
- Kooky - Deep 'Gothic glam' purple.
- Reckless - Blue toned deep red, suitable for all skin types.

The formula is really good for three pounds. It wont last all day but then again what product will? In addition, you really do only need one coat and you don’t need to dip the doe foot back into the tube unless you’re starting the second lip. You certainly don’t waste any product and it doesn’t dry in the tube like some others. The colour choice is really lovely, although I hope they bring out some nudes at some point. From what I’ve read online these have been really well received so I don’t see why they shouldn’t right?

- Matte Velvet Finish
- Reasonably Long Lasting
- Extremely Pigmented

As someone who has been mixing lipsticks to find perfect shades for years I’ll share this little tip with you to get your MUA Luxe lip lacquers to stay on for eight hours. Yes, eight! I’ve tried it, I’ve tested it. It works. I came across this when I attempted an ombre with Kooky and Funk. I had originally had kooky around the outside and Funk in the middle but needed something to blend the two because they are fairly fast drying products and once on, they get quite tacky. So I grabbed a pink lipstick. That also just happened to be an MUA product, Lipstick in shade no.3. All I did was run a little of the lipstick between the two and use a lip brush to blend. I then ended up just mixing all of the lacquer with the lipstick and I was good to go for the entire day.

You can mix the lacquers themselves to create new colours or the lacquers with another lipstick of a similar shade for some added staying power. It just goes to show how versatile these products really are.

lip swatch.jpg2


3 thoughts on “B E A U T Y | M U A L U X E L A C Q U E R S*

    • LuceLuxe says:

      The red (reckless) is to die for. It’s blue toned which suits everybody. I really love the purple (Kooky), It’s just so bold and different. Everyone comments on it when I wear it although my boyfriend was quite baffled as to why my lips were purple. He likes to state the obvious ‘your lips are very purple’. Men….


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