F O O D | O N E M E A L – T H R E E W A Y S*

IngredientsUntitledThis is the first in my new ’15 minute meals’ series. Very Jamie Oliver huh? They’re all my own ideas and creations, with simple food that I enjoy. I won’t be including measurements unless it’s something very technical. I usually cook by eye.

The first three recipes are all made with spinach and Scottish salmon as the main ingredients. These are ingredients that I love, you can substitute tuna or any other fish or meat and completely skip the spinach if you want to.

recipes are only guidelinesWhat you’ll need:

– Pasta – A rustic type pasta is best. Something that all of the sauce and flavour can stick to.

– Salmon – Chopped into small, even rectangular sized pieces.

– Large leaf spinach.

-Red or spring onions finely sliced.

– M&S tomato, pecorino and chilli sauce – Usually I would have attempted to make this myself but I just didn’t have the time for that in a 15 minute meal.

-Grated Parmesan

– Garlic infused olive oil – Any olive oil is ok, I was just fresh out of garlic!

– Rock salt and ground black pepper corns for seasoning.


– Start off by putting some pasta on to boil with a little salt.

– On a seperate hob ring, add the olive oil to a pan and spread it across the entire surface.

– Crush rock salt and pepper corns in a pestle and mortar and rub into the salmon.

– Once the pan is hot, add the chopped salmon and leave to fry lightly, turning the pieces occasionally.

– After five minutes, ass the sliced onion and leave for a further minute.

– Add the spinach ON TOP OF the salmon and onions so that only the steam wilts the spinach and not the direct heat from the pan.

Once the salmon has cooked through, the spinach has wilted and the pasta is cooked al dente, you’re ready to serve up a quick and easy light lunch!

meal 1col


If this were a meal for dinner, I’d add a little extra just for that kick. Salmon and chilli are a lovely combination so I use the tomato, pecorino and chilli sauce from M&S. (I would have made this from scratch but this meal isn’t about pre-prepping). The sauce is very rich and makes that light lunch into something more than a ‘bite to eat’. Continuing on from where we left off is pretty straight forward.

– Add two and a half table spoons of sauce to the salmon and spinach and leave to heat through, stirring occasionally for two minutes so the sauce doesn’t stick to the pan. It’s important to keep the ingredients moving.

– Slice a bread of your choice. I love poppy seed french bread with this meal, it’s great for dipping in the left over sauce.

meal 2 cont


And last but not least, a pasta bake. I don’t have any new images for this because I don’t actually have an oven in my flat so it’d be pointless making it just to throw away (student accomodation problems!) I just really wanted to include this as it’s a great meal to serve to guests. I’ll probably make this for my mum when I go home so if I remember, I’ll take some photos and update!

– Whip up a cheese sauce. My favourite is this one from Eat Like a Girl. The Dijon Mustard addition really brings out the flavour of the fish.

– Mix the salmon and spinach with the pasta and 3/4 of the cheese sauce.

– Pour the other 1/4 of sauce over the mixture.

– Grate Parmesan to taste.

– Bake in the oven in a Pyrex dish until the cheese sauce is golden brown!


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