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This is the Bare All Tag that I originally saw posted by GirlInTheGlasses and decided it’d be a fun blog post to do.

A little bit about my nails – I’m really touchy about my nails because I have a calcium deficiency that stops my nails growing sometimes. When one breaks, I admit, I do shed a tear!! Sad, I know. I tend to paint my nails in ridiculously bright colours because I feel like they make my hands look slimmer (that sounds stupid). I’ve only ever had acrylic nails put on in a salon once and I never want to have them done again. My nails were so paper thin after taking them off. It took them months to grow back. But anyway, my natural nails…….

Here they are. In all of their unpolished, dull glory….


Nail Files: Bare All Tag:

Include a photo of your clean, product free, natural nails.

Preferred length:  Long but not so long you can’t do other ‘things’ comfortably.

Preferred shape:  I dunno, kind of like a round edged square tip is that makes any sense at all.

Favorite base & top coat:  BarryM All In One Nail Paint

Favorite cuticle cream/oil:  I don’t use one. If I’m deadly honest, I don’t even know what cuticles are.

Favorite hand creamJohnson’s Body Care 24 Hour Moisture Hand Cream. – I’ll buy anything with Johnson’s name on it and this is definitely my favourite and stays in my bag. I have recently bought the Soap and Glory Hand Food which I’ve really been enjoying.

Favorite nail clippers: Uh…. whatever I can find. I rarely cut my fingernails and my toenails are pretty soft so I have no preference on that kind of thing. For those of you who are interested though, I use the standard ones from George at ASDA.

Favorite nail file: Boots do a nice buffer block so you can file, buff and shine and all that fun stuff on the go. I would put a link in but it doesn’t seem to be on the online store…… It’s the one with six sides.

Favorite remover: I like the Superdrug Acetone Free 250ml just because. You get a lot for the price and it really helps to get stubborn polishes off.

Self or professional manicure:  Definitely self. The few times I’ve had a manicure I’ve had a good deal of length filed off which is upsetting 😦

How often do you polish:  Usually between one and two weeks as I’ve been using gel polishes recently and the majority are chip and fade resistant.

Most wanted nail product: Uhm… I have too many nail polishes and lacquers and stuff that I would like to try out so I can’t really answer this. I am really liking the look of the new Barry M silks though. Those are going to be so lovely for Spring.

Be sure to include the Nail Files Bare All tag in your post or video response!

TAG! – I guess you’re it.

Link me to your Bare All tags in the comments so I can check it out!


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