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The Soho Series - Bar Salsa Review


The Salsa experience is about enlightening the senses to the delights of our creativity and mouth watering flavours. Our menu is an adventure. Join us; we promise you'll discover new tastes, fall in love with new flavours but, most of all, enjoy the flair and passion of Latin hospitality. ¡SALUD!

I’m doing this a little backward because it isn’t the first post I’ve written in The Soho Series, it’s actually number four or five, but this is what I wanted to kick start with because it was my absolute favourite out of all of the places I’ve visited in Soho over the last month or so.

Now, admittedly, I’m not much of a party animal or an outgoing person but I’m trying really hard to get involved and do things I’ve never done before. Hence, salsa dancing!!

Yeah, I said it, Salsa dancing. And I did kinda take part, with my friends. I’m not confident enough to be thrown and spun around the dance floor by one of the Colombians with snake hips just yet!

Basically, Salsa is an underground bar with three different dance platforms and a dining area. I went with five friends around 6:30pm for dinner. You can book a table and stay at that table for two hours. This leads me to the food.


The vegetarian/pescetarian options were all really great and extremely filling. But it was probably a really bad idea to eat so much before dancing all night in high waited jeans!



I’d imagine my friends are getting really annoyed with me hovering a camera near their plates at every meal but It’s all in the name of the blog!! From what I remember, the meals above are……

– The ‘Sugar Lord’ Hanging Skewer

– Steak Fajitas

– Blazing Chicken & Sweet Potato Chips

– Mushroom Quesadilla

– Gambas & Fries

– Roasted Vegetable Quesadilla & Calamares

– And I have no idea what the last photo is of but it looks like char grilled chicken and roasted vegetables so you can’t really go wrong!

On Sundays, all main meals are half price between 5pm and 8pm, as are cocktails. Which meant that my main meal cost £3.75 plus the starter and the side at full price, I think that totaled about £11 and a few pennies. Even  if you aren’t drinking, that’s a really great deal for really great tasting food. I have no complaints whatsoever there.


Between the six of us I’m pretty sure we ordered every cocktail on the menu bar two. By the  fourth or fifth drink, I wasn’t in much of as state to accurately tell you what each drink tasted like but luckily, I made a few short notes before the party really started, the long and the short of which are: they were all great.

For the sake of time I’ll just mention my two favourites in detail. Foni’s Favourite and Andale.

Both are sweet and a little tangy. You can really taste the lemon and raspberry in Foni’s Favourite. It’s fruity which is everything  look for in a cocktail. Not too strong of a liquor but still tasty. One of those that you gulp down and forget that it’s alcoholic. And Andale! It came with a gigantic chilli in it which we all thought was a pepper and proceeded to take really large bites. There’s a slo-mo video of us all realising that it wasn’t a pepper but still, it was one of my favourite drinks!!




– Paga – One of our favourites! It tastes like fruit punch.

– Lemon Apples – Just as it states on the tin and tasty with it.

– Soleros – Not really to my taste. Alcoholic cream and milk?

– Tropical Ola – Made with Malibu, a true taste of the tropics.

– Jamalade – A little bit too jammy to be tasty. The amount of sugar and Jack Daniels makes it a little tough to swallow.

– Salsa’s Blue Fire – Served with a live flame! – It tastes like alcoholic syrup though which may not be to everyone’s tastes.


From 6:30pm there’s a FREE hour long salsa class. You can do as little or as much as you like. For two hours after that there are ‘improvers’ classes (£5 each or £8 for the two hours). It’s a great way to loosen up and start your evening, from what I could tell, it was really fun.

Later on in the night, the crowd packs onto the dance floor and the real stuff begins. The best in Latin music is played by the DJ with the occasional Latin version of modern music. Although I still can’t get into ‘Wrecking Ball’ even if it is the Salsa version! Everyone there had a big smile on their face and there was no shyness or stigma like in a normal club about asking someone to dance. It was all about fun! And fun we had.


The only issue I have with the dance aspect is that you get so into it that you don’t want to stop! But then you get hot. Really hot. And after a full meal and numerous alcoholic beverages, you really don’t want to be spinning around in what feels like a sauna. Luckily, there’s a lovely little seating area upstairs, with the breeze from outside to cool you down. What’ also good is that you don’t have to go and stand in the smoking area like in a lot of bars.

salsa waiting area

*The only niggle I have with Salsa is the cloak room. The queue is so long. The plus side, there’s ample room to dance and no one seems to mind if there’s a full on Latin ballroom number happening while you’re waiting!

And of course…. a toilet selfie with my girlfriends….



96 Charing Cross Road
Tottenham Court Road Tube Station


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