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Sleek Haul


I’ve been telling myself that I’ll get some Sleek products for an absolute age because I used to use Sleek back in 2007/2008 when I first started trying out makeup. It was what us dark skinned girls would all buy because you could find it so easily in the specialist shops and you certainly couldn’t find very many dark colours in Boots or Superdrug past your standard ‘Cafe Au Lait’/ Caramel type colours. I’ve been really excited, after taking a six year hiatus, to get back to the company I started out with.

A bit about Sleek.....

– UK (London) based company

– Originally made with intense pigments for darker coloured skin tones but now cater for ALL skin tones!

– One of the fastest growing brands on the high street

– Can be purchased (UK) from Sleek stands in Superdrug stores, Superdrug.com, Boots.com & Sleek.com – Superdrug’s delivery times are terrible though and they don’t stock the entire line.

I’m not emphasising the WOC elements to be all ‘this is our stuff’. I’m just mentioning it because the colour selections are darker than what a fair/light skinned person would usually expect. See Emily Noel, Stacey Brennan & Samantha Reilly for their reactions to products they thought would be lighter but weren’t….


So anyway, every video I watched mentioned Sleek Blush in Rose Gold so I thought I may as well join the hype at £4.49 I could always give it away to a friend if it didn’t work for me. Surprisingly, it really does. I initially used it as a highlight which was really lovely but then decided to use it as an actual blush, all over the cheek. I had planned on getting the MAC Gold Deposit Mineralize Skin Finish and now I honestly feel that I can just save myself the extra £17 and stick with this as an alternative. The gold reflects catch the light so beautifully.


Then there’s the Face Form Kit (Medium). Sleek is known for its Contour Kit which includes a matte contour powder and a shimmery highlight. The Face Form kit is basically the same but it includes a blush/bronzer. If you’re Fair or Light you’ll get a blush. If you’re Medium or Dark, it’s a bronzer.


The contour powder is quite light, even for me, but the version that comes in the Dark kit is far too dark for me. Luckily, it’s buildable and I have no issues with the actual powder or its consistency. It’s perfectly suited to its purpose. The highlight is VERY shimmery, so I wont be using it day to day. For the night time I can imagine it’s perfect and I’m searching for an excuse to wear it! The bronzer is a bronzer but to be honest, I used it as an inner corner highlight for my eyes and loved it for that.


I also knew that I wanted to try out one of the I-Divine mineral palettes but didn’t want to be completely boring and go with more neutrals. I already have a tonne of those. There are 16 i-Divine’s to choose from so it was quite tough. It was a toss up between Bad Girl, Storm, Vintage Romance and Oh So Special. I went with Oh So Special purely because it was the only one in stock when I happened to pop into Superdrug yesterday.



It was really difficult to photograph my arm… I need to figure out a better way to do this in future.

Oh So Special comes with 12 really lovely shades. Gift Basket, The Mail and Boxed are certainly shaping up to be everyday favourites with Celebrate and Organza as ‘I’m feeling special’ close seconds. Glitz reminds me of Urban Decay Gunmetal and Noir is exactly that, jet black. So richly pigmented! When I used it this morning I actually messed up one eye and had to start over. The tiniest bit really does go a long way. A light hand is definitely needed.

I don’t ever see myself using Pamper because it’s just too chalky. Ribbon is also chalky but workable with my skin tone. I just recently ordered an Elf Long-Lasting Lustrous Shadow in Soiree which looks like more or less like Gateau. It’ll be interesting to see what fun I can have with the two together. The last two shades, Bow and Wrapped Up aren’t to be forgotten. Like most people, I use Bow and an under eyebrow highlight, it does the trick really nicely if you don’t fancy using a shimmery shadow. Wrapped Up is a purple/plum type brown which can be great used as a liner or a smoke out colour along the lower lash line.

After being really quite amazed with the pigment, softness and overall quality of these shadows I’ll definitely try to get myself Vintage Romance to try next. For £7.99, I think the quality compares to the shadows in the Naked Palettes.


– Compact

– Slim

– Huge Mirror

– Simple (Black)

My return to Sleek Make Up has been better than I ever could have thought. They’ve certainly re-gained a loyal follower.

What are your thoughts on Sleek? Do you have any recommendations?

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