B O O K | M A R C H R E A D S*



Reading ListI just thought I’d post a handful of the books that I’ll be reading over the coming months I’ll probably do full reviews during the A-Z Blogging Challenge if any of you are interested in the follow up. – There used to be a time where I could read all three of these books in a week but nowadays I rarely get to read for pleasure  what with my degree heavily focused on reading and individual learning. However, these are a few books that have really caught my eye and I hope to get stuck into them before exam season hits and I’m left with no time at all to do so.


Maples title

dead men cover

‘From a skeleton, a skull, a mere fragment of burnt thighbone, Dr. William Maples can deduce the age, gender, and ethnicity of a murder victim, the manner in which the person was dispatched, and, ultimately, the identity of the killer.  In Dead Men Do Tell Tales, Dr. Maples revisits his strangest, most interesting, and most horrific investigations, from the baffling cases of conquistador Francisco Pizarro and Vietnam MIAs to the mysterious deaths of President Zachary Taylor and the family of Czar Nicholas II.’MAUGHAM

Maugham title

bondage cover

‘Of Human Bondage is the first and most autobiographical of Maugham’s masterpieces. It is the story of Philip Carey, an orphan eager for life, love and adventure. After a few months studying in Heidelberg, and a brief spell in Paris as would-be artist, Philip settles in London to train as a doctor.

And that is where he meets Mildred, the loud but irresistible waitress with whom he plunges into a formative, tortured and masochistic affair which very nearly ruins him.’


Rutherfurd title

paris cover

‘City of love. City of splendour. City of terror. City of dreams.

Inspired by the haunting, passionate story of the city of lights, this epic novel weaves a gripping tale of four families across the centuries: from the lies that spawn the noble line of de Cygne to the revolutionary Le Sourds who seek their destruction; from the Blanchards whose bourgeois respectability offers scant protection against scandal to the hard-working Gascons and their soaring ambitions.

Over hundreds of years, these four families are bound by forbidden loves and marriages of convenience; dogged by vengeance and murderous secrets; torn apart by the irreconcilable differences of birth and faith, and brought together by the tumultuous history of their city. Paris bursts to life in the intrigue, corruption and glory of its people.

Beloved author of Sarum, London and New York, Edward Rutherfurd illuminates Paris as only he can: capturing the romance and everyday drama of the men and women who, in two thousand years, transformed a humble trading post on the muddy banks of the Seine into the most celebrated city in the world.’


3 thoughts on “B O O K | M A R C H R E A D S*

  1. kainzow says:

    I loved Of Human Bondage.It might be very slow at first but it grows on you as you move through the story.
    I learned much from it.I hope you will too.
    Anyway,Happy Reading! 🙂


    • LuceLuxe says:

      I’m glad you said that. I got 30 pages or so in and put it down. – I’ll get back into it now I know it’s just one of those books that I have to be patient with. Thanks for the heads up!


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