S T Y L E | O O T D – S P R I N G C A S U A L*


Casual Spring Outfit

The shadows make my legs look really dark…. I have no idea why. My legs are actually the lightest part of my body! They never see any sun 😦

I’m aware that I’m in a changing room but I promise, I did buy the outfit afterwards. That technically means it’s not an OOTD but still, I just though I’d share with you a lovely outfit that I’ll be wearing during the warmer months.

But anyway, this is a pretty simple outfit. A basic white Scoop-Neck cami, the Lace-Trimmed skirt and the Boho Doll Woven Kimono, all from Forever21.

The outfit would also look nice, if not better with the Must-Have Crocheted Skirt. But unfortunately, this skirt just looked terrible on me when I tried it on. Years of playing Rugby means my thighs and tube skirts just don’t go together.

I’m not wearing any shoes! I think a simple sandal, brown, white or cream to match the cream in the kimono, would be the best option. Or if you wanted to keep it extra casual, a pair of plain white lace up plimsolls. I feel so old calling them plimsolls.

For those of you who might be interested, for the nails I haven’t chipped off, I’m wearing the BarryM matte black ‘Espresso’ polish.


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