B E A U T Y | M Y F I R S T T I M E – L A S H E S*


My first ever attempt at applying (strip) falsies

before after


Now admittedly I’ve never been one for false lashes but recently my short little stubby lashes have been annoying me. Sure, they’re thick, but they’re just not long enough. So, to me, It just seems more logical to spend a few pounds on natural looking lashes that can be reused than spending £10-£20 on mascara that may or may not work for me in the long run and will dry up eventually.

This led me to the usual pre-purchase process (PPP) of watching YouTube videos and reading blog posts about different kinds of lashes. I knew that I wanted the most natural looking lashes possible because come on, people who see me everyday will notice if I go from short lashes to lashes that touch my eyebrows. (I find that look horrid btw even if it is for filming purposes or a night out).

short(See my lashes here, short and curly and that’s with a tonne of ‘lengthening’ mascara.)

I decided to play around with lashes first before I ordered anything ‘special’ online that I may not like so I popped into my local beauty store (Julia’s in Doncaster) and picked up these Divine Lashes (F-532) by Victoria London. I thought they looked really pretty and at £2.49 it wasn’t too much of a waste at all if they didn’t work out.


first lash attemptI set about applying my shadow like I see the YouTubers do, I applied glue to the lash band and waved them around in a dramatic fashion until the glue was ‘tacky’. I placed the lashes on top of my lash line and then attempted to tuck the lashes in at the corners. Inside corner, great… I’m really getting this. Outside corner, oh wow, I’m a natural! Bring on the Mink and MAC! Start blinking flirtatiously in the mirror and ‘ping, ping’, off came the corners. As I do when I have a question, I consulted Google. ‘Why wont my lashes stay on?’ The glue wasn’t tacky enough… Remove… clean, reapply glue, lots more waving and… voila! Lashes on. Kinda. They didn’t feel heavy or uncomfortable and I forgot about them quite quickly. The only things I didn’t like were that no matter how much pushing I did the lashes were just too straight and wouldn’t sit nicely on my lash line. It kinda made them look like they were floating. Also, I could still see glue sticking to the band of the lashes when I looked down even after ten minutes of drying. So maybe an invisible band is better for me.

I took the lashes off and went about the rest of my day but then curiosity got the better of me. So I did my eye make up again and attempted application no.2. This time they went on with no trouble whatsoever and the problem with a stiff, straight lash was completely gone.


I think my lash experience was turbulent to say the least but that’s expected. I do need to tidy my own lashes up a bit afterwards with some mascara but other than that, I think I did a pretty decent job. It certainly deserves a pat on the back for effort. I just have to try again another time and see how I do then. I’ve ordered three new types of lash for various styles and we’ll see how I get on with those in an upcoming post.

Any tips at all on lashes and lash application would be very much appreciated. I'm trying to get rid of my novice/noob status and I need all the help I can get!

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