B O O K S | C U R R E N T R E A D S*



As part of what is fast becomming a dissertation based on sexual murders and the numerous cases in Berlin during the Weimar period 1918-33, I have started to read ‘Lustmord’, the definitive secondary source on the German phenomenon and its portrayal in art, literature, film and popular culture. It’s disturbing, but then again I like that kind of thing. I should probabaly be nicknamed Macabre Mary.

Maugham titleMAUGHAM

So far, I’m finding this a very slow starter but an encouraging comment from Eye of Lynx on one of my previous posts has made me want to continue with the commitment to the book and finish what I started. So far though, the story isn’t half bad, it just drags a lot. I do however like the main character (always a plus) and the style of writing despite the snails pace. If you’d like to read a great post on why you should also read this, click here.


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