S K I N C A R E | T H E B O D Y S H O P H A U L #1*

The Body Shop Haul | #1

eerythingythumbMy god I’m doing a lot of beauty related posts lately. But hey-ho, at least I’m motivated to write about something!

I went to the body shop…. Twice in one week. I think I LOVE The Body Shop! – Doesn’t everything just look so yum?


EssieButton had said in one of her favourites videos that she was having issues with really tight feeling dry, patchy lips and I was having the exact same issue with no idea what to do about it. So on her advice I bought the Aloe Lip care £5.00. Estee claimed that in four hours her painfully dry lips were soft and smooth again and after testing it myself I can say that she wasn’t lying. I’d been staying away from lipstick for most of the week (:( see issues at the bottom of the post here) and within around three hours I was feeling much more confident and able to wear lip colour again. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone with any sort of lip ailment. That’s all I have to say about that.

Whilst milling around the Selfridges beauty hall on Monday afternoon, a good friend of mine saw that O2 Priority Moments have a deal on at The Body Shop just now where if you spend £40 you get £20 off. So if you are, or have a friend who is on the 02 phone network, download the priority moments app from the Apple or Play store, it’s completely free and you can save a bit of money.

So between myself and two friends we agreed to spend £80 which with the discount would be £40. It also meant that each of us could choose three things each or whatever was closest to about £27. That meant we each actually spent £13 and a few pennies and got some stuff that would have cost a lot more otherwise.

The first of my three picks was from the brand new blueberry range; the Blueberry Body Scrub-Gelee. (200ml) RRP. £12.50


I’m not even a big blueberry fan, I certainly don’t eat them often (I have Oral Allergy Syndrome), but this scrub smells so nice. But then again most things in the body shop smell great. It just looked really unusual too so that was definitely a must for me. It also makes me want to eat it, which I wouldn’t recommend but it definitely made the product more attractive.

Next I finally got something I’ve been saying I’d buy for an age which was the Satsuma Body Polish (200ml) RRP £10.00



I’ve had serious issues with some of the Satsuma range because my allergies are just that bad. I have to stay away from the satsuma lip products altogether. This scrub gives me no issues however and smells absolutely amazing. It’s the best thing to wake up to in the morning while you’re in the shower and leaves the skin feeling polished, as promised. 

My third item was a £5 mini size of the Mango Body Scrub (50ml). I’ve tried to stay away from harsh scrubs but the exfoliating beads in this seem quite gentle, likewise with the Satsuma body polish.


This is only a little bit harsher than the body polish and I found myself using this on the knees and elbows. It doesn’t smell as good as my usual body scrub Couture Carnival  by & Other Stories, but it did make those problem areas a lot smoother than they are usually so I’ll continue to use this and see how I go.  





Separately from the 02 deal I also bought the White Musk Libertine Body Butter as it was half price. (200ml) RRP £13.00. I had originally had this as my third item but because it was already reduced I couldn’t include it because you can only redeem one promotion per transaction.


I loved the simple, fresh smell of it anyway so I just decided to get myself one seen as I’d saved so much money on the other things. I only usually buy the body butter’s when they’re half price or buy one get one half price so it wasn’t anything too unusual. It just so happens that when I run out of the things I use from The Body Shop there’s a deal on when I’m ready to replace it. So you can’t really go wrong there. These really are great products at great prices, plus, they’re Fairtrade and cruelty free.

I’m looking into the Seaweed Ionic Clay Face Mask for the next time I’m in The Body Shop. If any of you have tried it or have seen a blog post reviewing it then please do let me know in the comments.


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