M U S I C | A M Y W I N E H O U S E S K A M I X*

Amy Winehouse - Ska EP 2008


A few weeks ago I  sat down to start a piece of coursework for University and it turned out to be a joy to write. (I also scored really highly on it so YAY, high five to me). For a short 15% assessment we were tasked with analysing a music video, Ghost Town’ by The Specials and its role in defining not only the summer of 1981 and Thatcher’s Britain but an entire era as well. At first I thought I’d hate it because the politics module it’s due for isn’t exactly my favourite but after hearing the song a thousand times over the course of the week, I’m feeling glad because it led me back to Amy’s Ska EP from 2008. 

I just love the vibe of this mix and remember seeing Amy perform it live on the BBC and thinking how much I’d love to be there in what seemed like a really intimate and chilled out concert. I don’t even want to think about why it seemed so chill….. I am and will always be a Winehouse fan so here I am sharing the music I love. I’m not really bothered about the drugs or the drinking or how scarily thin she looked because to be honest, if she can perform an entire show half baked and pissed out of her face then I say well done. So many people loved, and still love the music Amy made so I’m sharing it here with you and hoping that years from now I’ll look back at this post and still love it.

While the mix of the EP is above, I thought I’d also share my favourite performance of the last song performed by Amy, You’re Wondering Now. Enjoy.


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