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Eyes Lips Face Haul/ Review w/swatches



I had originally planned this as a mini haul post for my old blog VividWinter but I created this new one and completely forgot to do it. So this is a haul/review of the Elf products I bought during the 50% off sale at Christmas and have been using ever since. I didn’t go crazy with products, I just got some thing I thought I’d get some good use out of. I have since purchased more products seen as I enjoyed using the ones from this mini haul. Here are my thoughts…


The Elf Powder brush has been raved about online for an absolute age and since purchasing one, I can see exactly why. I’d been waiting to get one because every time I went on the site it was sold out. But anyway, I got one for me and one for my mum. She loves it too. While mum uses hers to apply Bare Minerals original Mineral Foundation, I use mine for liquids and cream products. I’ve been using it to stipple Estee Lauder Doublewear and more recently to buff AJ Crimson Creme Foundation. I love it for both and only wish I had another to add to my brush rotation. RRP £3.95

The Eyeshadow ‘C’ Brush is just perfect for a number of things. It’s dense enough to grab products and really pack them on but fluffy enough to use to blend if you don’t have a specific brush for that. I use this daily for my all over lid colour and have no complaints. It’s another one of those brushes that I wish I had numerous copies of. RRP. £3.95


The Baked Shadow in Burnt Plum really surprised me. I’m a sucked for a domed product, I really don’t know why, baked products just look so pretty. It’s really soft and it blends and spreads like butter. The swatch above is just one swipe without a primer underneath so that just shows that it’s also really pigmented. I’ve worn this at least three times a week since buying it and have barely made a dent in it. You’re getting 3.5g of product which is honesty going to last you forever unless you drop it and it shatters. There are honestly no flaws. RRP. £3.95 – UPDATE  These things are back on the site now and selling for £8……. I’d never pay that for them even though I do love the shades. The packaging isn’t quite there for me to want to spend that when I could get a Maybelline, Barry M or MakeUp Revolution palette for that sort of money.


Other eyeshadwows were these little palettes that have since been discontinued on the UK site. I got them in the sale for like £2 each. My shades are Hazel/Green Eyes 2 and Brown Eyes 1. I love every colour in the crown eyes (top) palette but only three from the hazel (bottom).  knew that when I bought it though so I’m not disappointed. For the price I can’t complain. Like most Elf shadows they’re great when used with a base or wet. All-in-all I’m glad that I at least got the brown eyes palette before it was discontinued. It’s a really nice little palette that I can thrown into my bag in the day or when I travel.

I repurchased my High Definition Powder in Corrective Yellow (RRP. £6.95) as well as the Undereye Setting Powder (RRP. £3.95). I’ve used the setting powder maybe twice just because the corrective powder does the same thing, it’s just a different colour. I can’t really review something I’ve hardly used so I apologise for that. The corrective powder however, I use almost every day with 8g lasting me about ten or eleven months so that’s a pretty goo deal. I generally tend to concentrate it on a wedge sponge underneath my eyes and on my chin which really brightens up my face and there’s a noticeable difference without it.

Most people that I speak to LOVE Elf cosmetics. I urge everyone from beginner to pro to use Elf products and if you haven’t already then why haven’t you? I made a larger purchase from Elf just about two weeks ago and am working my way through those products with a first impression/review on the way. 

Which Elf products do you recommend? AT such a great price I'm willing to take any and all suggestions!

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