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More beauty, I know, I’m sorry. Actually, I’m kinda not!

I banned myself from buying make up recently but I have to say this one thing. On Friday I bought lip colours. Lip colours for Spring! Bold, bright and beautiful. And muhahahahaha, Je ne regrette rien! Even as I type this I’m thinking of going back to Boots to take advantage of the 3for2 offer all over again. I probably wont regret that either (much).

So much makeup. Much happy.

These are by no means new products they’re just the things that I really thought I’d get maximum wear out of during the spring and summer. I’m feeling very ‘Shirley‘ recently, wearing plain, often neutral clothes but with colour in my makeup and accessories. If anyone has a style that should be copied it’s Shirley B Eniang. Especially that signature red lip.

hfFollowing the first row from left to right….

Bourjois Rouge Edition – #05 Brun Bohème


This colour actually surprised me. I was trying to find a third product for the 3for2 deal at Boots and had narrowed it down to Brun Bohème (Preppy Collection) and #09 Orange Pop Up (Colour Block Collection). I think I’ve finally found a light pink/brown lipstick that doesn’t look ridiculously pale on me. It’s also free of an annoying plastic scent and glides right on like butter. It does tend to move a little but that’s fine as It’s to be expected from this type of formula. The packaging is really nice as you can clearly see the colour in the bottom of the tube. The cap also clicks on very securely so there’ll be no broken lipsticks in the bottom of bags because the cap came off in transit. – I’m really glad I bought this and will certainly be looking into getting a few more of the shades. 

I keep seeing swatches that look red/brown but for some reason, on e, it’s definitely pink. The actual lipstick looks red/brown as you can see in the first image, it just doesn’t translate that way on me. I’m not complaining though. Whatever colour it is or is supposed to be looks pretty so…..

If you’re interested then there’s a great in depth review at Really Ree here.

Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Bold Matte – #815 Fire Corail

Now this one is a bit of a mixed one for me. The colour is fantastic and it certainly lasts all night. I wore it out to GAY in London and it stuck where it needed to stick through numerous cocktails and g&t’s. The only issue is that It takes so long to dry and if you don’t put a lot on it dries patchy. I mean, I ended up having to mix it with lipgloss because I was fannying around in the toilets at Bincho trying to get the product to look decent, which isn’t on. But despite that little moan I actually really like it, it smells like Haribo and really brightens up your face. If you have the extra five minutes for drying time then it goes on no problem and looks fantastic but if you’re in a hurry I wouldn’t suggest using this. It’s certainly not one of those that you ca slap on quickly in the car mirror and head out. It’s high maintenance to say the least.

Fire Corail with Electric Orange

I was forced to mix these two after applying Fire Coral and it coming out patchy. Whilst doing the lip swatches for this post I allowed Fire Corail to dry properly, applied the balm that comes with it and the Electric Orange on top. It came out looking really great and I’ll definitely be wearing this combination throughout spring and summer.

The second row, left to right….

Maybelline Colour Sensational Shine Gloss – #460 Electric Orange

I’ve never been one to wear glosses on their own but I can make an exception for this one. It’s called Electric Orange, which it is in the tube but on the lips it’s more peachy than anything. I’m not complaining though, it just means it’s subtle enough to wear day-to-day with a natural look or with a really bold eye. On top of another product however, this looks amazing. I did try it over the top of a rustic brown/orange that I have in my collection (sorry I forgot to photograph it) and that just looked so ‘antique’ and romantic. This along with Brun Bohème  makes me want to go out and buy 70’s style wedge platforms, some flirty flares and one of those big floppy hats.

Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Colour – #542 Cherry Pie

I could literally leave my first impression for this product at ‘It smells like fizzy cherry sweets, nuff said, goodbye’, but I wont. While the smell is amazing, the product is even better. The formula is much nicer than I had imagined and dries in about a minute unlike Fire Corail. You just have to rememebr that a little goes a long way and that you really don’t need to add any more than what comes out on the brush. No extra dipping guys! If anything, what comes out on the applicator is too much product and you need to wipe off the excess. – A friend of mine wore this all night on Friday and I didn’t see her reapply once so I can attest to the staying power. The colour is really vibrant too and not at all drying once you’ve applied the balm that comes with the product. The only downside is that you only get a teeny tiny little pot of the stuff. 😦

Rimmel Apocalips  Lip Lacquer – #303 Apocaliptic


When applying this I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be waiting for something to dry or not because it doesn’t say anywhere on the packaging. I’d assumed from using other lacquers that it applied as a cream/gloss and dried matte like the Lime Crime Velvetines. his wasn’t the case but it doesn’t really detract from the product. You just have to make sure that you’re not doing much kissing whie you’re wearing it because it will go everywhere. The transfer after fifteen minutes was a little bit much. →

It just goes to show how opaque of a lacquer this really is though. I certainly wont be putting that much on the next time! The applicator is also the nicest I’ve ever used. It has like an oval shape that’s really soft. The colour is so bright and it’s like nothing else I own. I think I may even try some more shades. I have my eye on Galaxy and Solstice.

Max Factor Colour Elixer Lip Liner – #16 Brown n Bold

Lip liner….. I’ve needed a brown one for ages and this one is a nice red/brown shade but is a little waxy. I can imagine it looking nice with a red lip which is why I bought it in the first place. I hate the name, especially the lack of ” around the n but that jut me being a punctuation Nazi.



I know everyone and their mother has the apocalips and many of the other products mentioned. So what are your thoughts? What products will you be rocking throughout spring and summer? Link me to your posts in the comments.


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