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Red Cherry Lashes - First Impression DW/747s/747u & Losing my Lash Virginity


After my little test afternoon with some other lashes I was feeling a little more confident. I’ve never been one for false eyelashes and until I realised that there was a plethora or different varieties and natural styles out there I absolutely despised the idea of them and just put up with my annoying lashes. But…..I saw a lot of people talking about Stardel lashes so I thought I’d at least try them out before completely giving up on the idea of glam lashes. But of course, when I really want something, I can’t find it readily available in the UK. So….. I went to another site which mentioned that Stardel and Red Cherry (also a popular type of shrimp according to my Google search), are made by the same company. And now thanks to Amy Childs and the TOWIE gang promoting them, Red Cherry are much easier to find in the UK.

All Red Cherry lashes are 100% human hair and hand made. There is also a wide range of different styles and lengths of lashes but I settled on the 747’s. These are a short, nicely spaced pair of lashes that aren’t too thick or too gaudy. If you search Red Cherry 747, more often than not you get links to bridal makeup. Sounds perfect for natural day-to-day, right? In the colder months I wear lots of eyeshadow so natural lashes wouldn’t make my eyes look ‘too much’.

The 747’s come in U, XS, S, M  & L. I have no idea what these letters stand for but U are the shortest and L are the longest so…. I ordered 2xU and 2xS just to see how I felt about them. The site I ordered from is www.falselashes.co.uk and all Red Cherry lashes are £3.99. I also bought a pair of DW’s (Demi Wispy) from Ebay which are a little thicker and similar to the Wispy (WSP) that are popular online (falselashes.co.uk do not stock DW’s). I just wanted to see how an Ebay sellers postage price and times compared to falselashes.co.uk. Turns out, Ebay takes an age but they are £1 cheaper so if you’re not in a big hurry then YAY! Falselashes.co.uk shipped first class and I had my lashes within two days.


These lashes have an invisible band which is another thing that drew me towards them. It would mean that I wouldn’t have to wear as thick a liner to help blend the band. I could just get away with basic shadow and a brown liner which I can’t do right now because my eyes look shoddy as hell with short lashes and light liner.


Both orders came shipped in Jiffy bags which was okay. I wasn’t expecting a jazzy bag/box or anything. None of the lashes were damaged or squashed either.

Before I even go through and show the lashes once they’ve been applied I’ll just ruin it for you now and say that the 747U are the only pair I feel suit me with my naturally short/curly lashes. The other two are far too long for daytime wear. Perhaps if I had ordered 747XS instead of S thy wouldn’t have looked so odd, but hey-ho, lesson learned.

All of the photos kinda came out looking samey-samey so I apologise for my dodgy camera skills in advance. Hopefully my descriptions will help out a bit though.


DW (Demi Wispies)


These are actually really lovely lashes and I don’t completely hate them. They sit nicely and they make my eyeshadow look extra smokey even if it isn’t. The slight flare on the outer corners is really subtle too and not OTT. However, they don’t taper on the inside corner as much as I’d like. They go from teeny tiny natural lashes to really long and wispy Red Cherry’s. So…… Plus the whole point was to look for natural daytime lashes and these aren’t it. I have a birthday coming up soon though so I think I’ll be saving these for when I actually have some place to go.




These were so much longer than I thought they were going to be. The 747’s come in M and L and I just can’t imagine anyone having L length lashes if the S is anything to go by. They tickle my brow bone in a really unpleasant way and they don’t blend with my natural lashes at all. You can clearly see my natural lashes underneath even though I curled the lashes together with mine and applied mascara to mesh the two. It just wasn’t happening with these lashes. I will say that the band was very comfortable and from a distance they looked quite pretty. They also photographed really well, they just aren’t ‘right’ for me personally and I’d feel as though people knew I was wearing falsies. (Ha, she says, after posting it on the internet for everyone to see). If I have the time, I’ll sit and trim them down myself but as they are, 747S isn’t for me.




Now these are by far my favourites and I only wish I had trusted my instincts when I ordered these. I watched numerous videos of applications and these always looked the most natural, I think I just got a little carried away what with free delivery and YouTube gurus raving about the DW’s and all of that. Now I know what I like however, I’ll order some more for sure.

The 747U’s have a band that is the right length for my eye, the lashes themselves are not too long and have a beautiful taper. The smaller lashes on the inside corner are just about the length of my natural lashes so they blend really nicely. They don’t feel at all heavy and the band doesn’t poke me anywhere it shouldn’t. I honestly have no complaints. They’re exactly what I’ve been looking for. I know that you may be looking at the photograph and thinking ‘what is this chick on about? I see absolutely no difference’, but that’s the point. They enhance my eyes, make my lashes look a little thick and a little longer, and they don’t look like I even have lashes on let alone ridiculously long ones. The bottom line is, they don’t look fake. – The photo really doesn’t show how pretty they are.

I don’t think my experience with Red Cherry lashes is a reflection on the brand at all, I just happened to pick 2/3 styles that just weren’t right for me. When I’m a little more comfortable I’ll certainly try out a few more styles just to see what else I can find that works for me. The price is really good for a product that you can get a good few wears out of and I will definitely be repurchasing 747U from falselashes.co.uk

Have you guys tried Red Cherry lashes before? Any tips at all on lashes, lash application and the best brands would be very much appreciated. I'm trying to get rid of my novice/noob status and I need all the help I can get! It's a lot trickier than I thought.


Twitter : @welovelashes

Free delivery on all orders of any lashes be it one pair or 100. And with the code MEL you get 10% off.


Red Cherry isn’t the only popular brand stocked either ↓



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