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Nicole x  Missguided


Now, there are a lot of bandwagons that I don’t jump on to because I just think ‘Ugh, no’ and the ‘Shamazing Scherzinger’ bandwagon is one of those. Having said that, I must say, I really like her new 52 piece collection for Missguided and thought I’d share a handful of my favourite pieces with you all.


Everything is so simple; It’s black, it’s white, it’s blue. There are just block colour statement pieces that you can dress up or dress down. There are no frills or lace, no unnecessary dangly bits and no emblems. The prices range from £15-£50 – Standard Missguided pricing really, so no complaints there.

Fotor0311195956Shift Dress with Fishnet Panel in White £35blogline

Probably my favourite piece from the whole collection. I love how this could be a simple dress for a night out to dinner paired with a blazer or just a casual daytime dress with converse or plimsolls with the fishnet sleeve as a little bit of a flair. – Also available in black.


Paneled Midi Skirt in Cobalt Blue £25blogline

I’m not sure if it’s because the skirt is blue or because it has a sort of structured paneling on the front but I just think this skirt is beautiful. I love midi length skirts and am a big fan of anything that covers what it needs to cover but still looks a bit sassy. I also love how the blue looks with Nicole’s skin. Plus, Nicole’s sexy as hell but she’s a bit of a bean pole… I think someone with a little more ‘in the back’ would make this skirt, as Nicole likes to say ‘look fierce’!


Crop Top with Fishnet Sleeves £20blogline

This one is just a really simple top with a flared sleeve. I have a similar one from H&M but that one is cotton, I really like how this is faux leather and just looks really jazzy with the fishnet sleeves. If I hadn’t already seen the photograph of Nicole wearing the high waisted biker jeans with this then I’d have paired the two together in my head. Again, you can dress this up or down, it’s awfully versatile.


Mesh Panel Midi Dress in Black £35blogline

I don’t have the back for this kind of dress but I just thought I’d include it because it’s so amazingly tacky but sort of sexy/classic at the same time. There’s so much going on here. Midi skirt, mesh, backless, criss-cross straps….. Just… Oh my.

What I love about this is that everything is really feminine in a ‘maneater’ type of way. It all reminds me of that scene from Charlie’s Angels where Lucy Liu is waking down the corridor in a tight leather suit and all of the men jump up from their desks and chase after her. I say well done for the collection, I love it.

None of these photographs were taken by me. All photo credits to © Missguided 2014.


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