B E A U T Y | B A R R Y M – G E L L Y L I P S*

BarryM Gelly Hi-Shine Lip Crayon review w/ swatch - Alpha


Just a quick post on something I bought on Tuesday and felt was worthy of a post all on its own. Mind you, I say quick. I mean quick to type, not necessarily quick to read. I’m sure you’ve realised that I love a lengthy blog post! Ha.


Anyway, I’m sure you’re all familiar with BarryM’s range of Hi-Shine Gelly nail paints that have a ‘built in’ top coat within them. What Barry M have come out with now is a Gelly Lip paint crayon type thing….. There are five shades, Vega,  Alpha, Sirius, Capella, and Electra (swatches below). I don’t like to go OTT on new products until I know I like them so I only purchased Alpha so I could test it out. £4.99 isn’t a bad price either tbh.


As you can see the coverage and pigmentation is amazing and it’s like a liquid lipstick but in crayon form with your gloss thrown in too. That does mean that you’ll have to sharpen it though. Which isn’t any different to sharpening a normal chubby pencil. I was like….. o.O at first too Vera, don’t worry. The nib of the pencil isn’t overly soft at all. It just works….. But make sure you use a proper make-up sharpener. The BarryM one has been the one I’ve used for years and i’ve had no trouble with it here at all.

I love the formulation of Alpha and after wearing it for a couple of days it does make me want to rush out and buy a couple more. However Vega, the other shade I’d be interested in, doesn’t really match up in terms of pigmentation. I see a dark red tube, I want a dark red product. If I wanted sheer gloss I’d buy something marketed as sheer gloss. :s I also like the look of Electra but I have a similar lipstick that has more or less the same finish so…… maybe the make-up addict in me will take over and tell me that I need to buy it anyway because of course, ‘it’s completely different’, who knows?

I honestly don’t think there’s a product like this out at the moment. All of the chubby stick type products are nice and all but they’re marketed as balms and a balm is what they are. This is everything and more, just in a pencil. A pencil! I know. I’m still just like…. Pencil…. Lipgloss…. I don’t get it but it works.

As a side note, have you heard about the new gloss pencils launching soon from MAC? Check out Vera’s post for a brief description of the newest products to hit the brand!




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