A | A D D I C T I O N | A – Z B L O G G I N G C H A L L E N G E*


My name’s Lauren, and I am a make-up addict.

It’s a new found thing.

YouTube and Instagram made me do it.

I can’t seem to stop.

I make excuses:

‘I don’t have that shade’.

‘What are you talking about? It’s a completely different thing’.

‘I need this brown eyeshadow for transitioning, it’s not just brown, it’s a pink toned brown with copper flecks’.

I lie:

‘It’s 3for2 but I don’t need three things. I’ll just get the two I need’.

To my boyfriend, ‘I’m just popping into Debenhams/Superdrug. I won’t be more than five minutes. I’m just seeing what’s new’. – 45 minutes later….. ‘Sorry I took so long, what was that 20 minutes?’ #SorryNotSorry

‘I need this face peel cream, it has rock salt and H2O from Japanese hot springs. I got a great deal’.

My feet have a mind of their own:

‘I’m just going to casually stroll down this street without violently veering off to the right, into oncoming traffic and into MAC…. Stop Lauren, stop before the point of no return. – Whoops, too late.’

My phone corrects and suggests words:

Bobby = Bobbi

Mars = Nars

Esteé….. Lauder Double Wear Foundation SPF 15 ← :O HOW DID IT KNOW?….

I convince myself in five seconds flat that I NEED something:

‘I need new ‘summer’ lipsticks’. I have enough lipstick. Just stop.

‘I could do with a new mascara’ I already have five on the go.

‘I’m going to get an eyebrow pencil’. I never touch up my brows.

*Buys £20 eyeliner* Only use it on ‘special occasions’.

I get heart palpitations from the following words:

Half price.


Free Shipping.

Free Gift.



Limited Edition.


I save pasta sauce jars to house my makeup brushes. Before I buy the sauce i assess the dimensions of said jar. For the record, ASDA pasta sauce jars are rubbish.

I cry when baked products crack or shatter.

I spend more money a month on makeup than on groceries and food. (I live on pasta though so that’s not too surprising).

If I leave the house without a product I’ll need during the day for touch ups, I’ll buy a new one. ←This is how my lipstick collection grows.

I can’t remember the last time I left the house without at least some makeup on.

I need psychological help.

The addiction is real.

Whilst it might sound as though I actually am addicted to makeup and beauty, this was just a lighthearted bit of fun to look at the weird and wonderful things we girls do for our face paint! I enjoy make up and I do tend to splurge a little but it isn’t my life, it’s more of a hobby and all hobby’s need a little invested time and money. 😉a-z


2 thoughts on “A | A D D I C T I O N | A – Z B L O G G I N G C H A L L E N G E*

  1. Lisa Sherin says:

    Hahaha, I’m the exact same. My friends are now on alert to steer me away from any MAC, Sephora or makeup counter when we’re shopping and are constantly talking me out of buying another pink lipstick/neutral eyeshadow palette! They are not the same


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