D R I N K | B L O O M S B U R Y B O U Q U E T*

 All Bar One Bloomsbury Bouquet Cocktail review


B L O O M S B U RY B O U Q U E T 7.95
Bombay Sapphire gin, Chambord Black
Raspberry liqueur and lemon juice,
with Chiarli Brut Rosé

We all know that I can’t resist a lunchtime tipple which is how I ended up sipping a Bloomsbury Bouquet in All Bar One.

It was such a lovely day weather wise yesterday and a sweet, refreshing cocktail was exactly what was needed whilst people watching and having a good natter on Regent Street, London.

First off, All Bar One Regent Street has undergone a refurb and is now a really modern little bar which is light and airy. And I don’t know why, but I love that the staff uniform is still ‘traditional’. Crisp white shirts and aprons for everyone. It just makes the place feel even more chilled. As well as a refurb of the bar, the drinks menu has been jazzed up. Unfortunately, this meant it took ten minutes for my drink to be made because the barman had no idea how to make the drink. He even had to ask two other members of staff which type of glass it went into…..

That aside, it was worth the wait. I’ve searched high and low and have seen no other mention of this cocktail so I’m taking from that that it certainly isn’t a classic or even well known. In fact it may even be exclusive to All Bar one. This cocktail is a playful combination of some of my favourite things. Gin, Rosé, lemon juice, raspberry’s… It’s the perfect accompaniment to a salad or a light meal. Either way, it is now one of my favourite drinks. (Damn, that list is growing).







2 thoughts on “D R I N K | B L O O M S B U R Y B O U Q U E T*

    • LuceLuxe says:

      Thanks so much, and I intend to! – Every spare minute I’m going to try and fill with an activity to make the most of the city. This Saturday I’m going to an Italian fashion exhibit at the V&A. I’m excited! 🙂


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