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The Soho Series - Cha Cha Moon Review


I’ll keep this one short(ish) because if I’m honest, I don’t have all that much to say about this place.

The food was edible but had absolutely no taste. I don’t eat meat so I can’t speak for those dishes but I will say that everyone at my table, including myself, had to douse their food in soy sauce for it to taste like something more than cardboard. It was honestly lucky that I ordered Thai prawn crackers and veg spring rolls too because without them there’d have been no flavour. The main dish was just a complete let down even though it looked really appetising. I lost the image but you can imagine….. fat doughy noodles, vegetables that were surprising overcooked, king prawns that tasted like water….. I’m sure you get the idea. And where was the salt? I’m a fan of salty food but I can assure you the lack of salt wasn’t me being fussy because I’m used to mountains of the stuff. I mean, this meal was FRESH. 

But I’m not completely against the idea that I might return to ChaCha Moon because I can’t judge an entire restaurant on the poor quality of one meal. However, that one meal really doesn’t make me want to hurry back.

The restaurant itself annoyed the hell out of me too. Sure, it has bench style seating in a more traditional style but that’s about as far as authenticity goes. ChaCha Moon claims to be a modern Asian restaurant but if modern means lacking original culture then sure. I’d go as far as saying that ChaCha Moon is the equivalent to Busaba Eathai in terms of ‘modern’ Asian cuisine. (More on that in another post).Cha_cha_moon_pic_2

I can always find positives in negative experiences though and that came in the form of cocktails Surprise surprise. Lauren’s drinking again. Ha! My meal may have been dodgy but these cocktails could certainly tempt me into a liquid lunch!  I’m a sucker for a long, cold, fruity drink and the ‘headliner’ was definitely ‘Wen Wen’, a peach, raspberry and vodka mix (a much fruitier version of a Woo Woo).

wen wen

This was around five or so months ago so I have no idea what the other two cocktails actually are but I know for a fact that they were bloody tasty. (Wen Wen on the far right). 

Cha Cha Moon
15-21 Ganton Street
Oxford Circus Tube Station


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