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deneureurovision copenhagenFor those of you across the many ponds you may not know anything about Eurovision. Eurovision is a song contest across, you guessed it, Europe. The basic rules are as follows:

– The BIG FIVE, The United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany and France receive automatic qualification as they are the biggest economic contributors to the contest.
– The host country, the winners of the previous year, also receive automatic qualification.
– The ten winners of semi-final 1 (held on the Tuesday before the competition) are also entered.
– The same is true for the winners of semi-final 2 (held on the Thursday before the competition.
– All countries must sing live with all singers present on the stage. (No pretty girls up front with the vocal talent behind a curtain, please)
– Traditionally all entries had to be sung in the countries own language but this rule has been altered in recent years which in my opinion completely ruins the music because now they’re often sung in heavily accented English instead of the beautiful traditional languages. The authenticity is ruined I’d say.
– All songs have to be original and cannot have been previously released in the charts.
– No covers of songs are allowed

Last year, Denmark won the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Only Teardrops and so this years contest will be held in the capital, Copenhagen.
My favourite Eurovision Entry from the Armenian sisters Inga & Anush – Jan Jan
It’s undecided who will represent each country at the moment and I can imagine that the UK will pull another Englebert Humperdinck stunner like they did a couple of years back…. However, my woman crush Ruth Lorenzo (of XFactor UK fame) is well on the way to being chosen to represent her native Spain which is something I’m excited about.
Here’s Ruth’s entry…..
Although nothing could beat 2008’s Baila el Chiki chiki.
And here’s my favourite XFactor performance. Isn’t she a babe?
Have any of you guys from across the pond and beyond heard of or watched Eurovision?

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