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beauty03eab4b3248a9093aec0c7e097b8eb61Don’t you just hate it when makeup is packaged with sellotape that makes the outside nasty and gungy? I do. – But that’s the only bad thing I have to say about this palette. The MUA Glamour Nights palette is one of those surprise loves. I also have the Heaven & Earth palette and that’s one of my favourites for transition and highlights, this adds the ‘pop’ of colour. ← I really dislike that word in terms of colour, no idea why. You can buy all MUA products from MUA Online, Superdrug Online and Superdrug stores. 


The Shape of the palette is comparable to the Sleek eyeshadow palettes with twelve circular shadows. Thy’re also really soft but nowhere near as soft as a Sleek or Urban Decay. For £4 though, the quality is phenomenal, as is the colour pay off. I can’t speak for all of the shadows but the five I wore on Friday lasted all day. That includes the deep purple/blue that I used to line my lower lash line. That’s usually my problem area.

I really do love the different combinations you can have with this palette. The pink is also very versatile as a really vibrant stand alone colour and as a sort of ‘topping’. I used it over the top of a metallic brown and it looked really flirty and ready for spring.

Annnnnnd, swatches:



Aren’t the colours beautiful? Every single one is a colour that I would wear in at least some capacity as I had few problems with application. The only shadow that I had a little bit of an issue with was the light grey/brown that’s second to last in the first image. For some reason that just refused to transfer. It was a little stiff in the pan too but once you get it moving enough and have enough on the brush it’s a beautiful shade for natural, everyday looks.

I also really appreciate that there is a true mixture of matte and shimmer shades. I didn’t own a matte white until I bought this palette and I can’t really see myself needing to buy a new now one either.

I’m still working on taking photos of the looks I create with my makeup but I’, having trouble getting the colours to show. If anyone has any tips then let me know. Thanks!



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