B E A U T Y | I N G L O T F R E E D O M*

Inglot Freedom System

A couple of weeks ago now when I was at Westfields White City I decided it was about time I started out on the Inglot Freedom System journey. The Freedom System is basically a customisable palette. You choose the size of the palette and the individual products that go into it; lipstick, shadow, blush, foundation……. It’s basically make up pick and mix. 



I bought two shades of shadow, No.616, which is a Double Sparkle formula and No.26, which is an AMC. They’re both yellow toned. The lighter shade #26, I use for highlighting my inner corner and my cheek bones. It’s a bit too shimmery for under the brow. The deeper yellow, one of Inglot’s newer shades, is a perfect springtime colour on the lids and with my skintone, I can get away with it as a highlighter too!

The palette itself is just a black plastic. It has Inglot written on the top in white script. It also comes with a double ended applicator but we all know that’s never going to get used. It was nice that it was included though. There’s also a ‘full sized’ mirror inside the compact which is very handy for when you’re on the go. – The little pans slot right in with a small magnet.


The quality of the shadows is really good and they’re both very pigmented. The only issue is with #616 because sometimes, on darker skin, you have to apply a whole load before it really shows it’s true colour.

I also wish I had bought at lest a 4-pan palette because I know I'll want to by  few more shades.


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