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jtLosing my wayNow this may be slightly controversial but… oh well?

I think drug users are stupid. It’s as plain as that. Drugs ruin lives, ruin your ability to think and make informed decisions and if you take them, then you’ll probably end up running around the streets of California trying to eat people’s faces or something. (Huge generalization I know but……. you know. Drugs.)

Now, some of my readers/followers may be drug users. To that I say each to their own, but I still don’t agree with it.

The point I’m getting at is this. Drug users/addicts need help. ‘They’ve lost their way’.

Sure, I was brought up in a Catholic household but religion has nothing to do with what I’m saying and I’m not attempting to ‘preach’ in any shape or form. I’m just saying what I feel.

So anyway…. this little bit of rambling accompanies today’s song of the day. Justin Timberlake – Losing My Way. Yeah, the song is full of cliches and is probably no real reflection of drug use or the feelings of addiction, but you get where I’m going with it. And… It’s catchy ….. it begins with ‘L’. That’s justification enough or me.

So, remember ‘kids’, ‘stay in school, don’t take drugs’. It’s really not good for you. (y)





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