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“Sabali, Sabali, Sabali, yonkontê Sabali, Sabali, Sabali, kiye Ni kêra môgô”

Patience is one of the most moving and powerful songs that I’ve ever heard. The lyrics here really make you think of exactly where we are as a species and where it is we’re going. We think we know everything, but we don’t. As the lyrics state, we once thought the world was flat, and then it was round. If the shape changes again…. the who was wrong and who was right?

Another thing that really makes you think is the lyric, ‘are we goring wiser or are we just growing tall’? Homosapien literally translates to ‘wise wise man’, and as we’ve evolved, we adopted a more upright position. Sure, we have science and technology now, and we know a lot more than we did then, but knowledge and wisdom are two different things entirely. The question still remains? Are we growing wiser? Or just taller?



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