P H O T O G R A P H Y | L U L W O R T H*

Graham Smith Photography© @ Lulworth Cove, Dorset

lulworth cove
Just taking a second out to share a little natural beauty with you all today. This is Lulworth Cove, Dorset. I’ll not spoil the images with too many words, just note that the following photographs were not taken by me but by a close friend with a natural flare behind the camera.

Camera used - FujiFilm FinePix s8000fd



B E A U T Y | MA K E U P R E V O L U T I O N I N T R O D U C T I O N*

MakeUp Revolution First Impression/Reviewblogline


Where new make-up products are introduced to the market we all go crazy with anticipation. We just HAVE TO try whatever it is. It happened with the Naked 3, it happened with the MAC Maleficent collection even though the latter was really nothing special. Imagine my excitement when a new BUDGET brand launches with products that actually look really really good quality.

Enter: Make Up Revolution.


Blogs have been going mad for this brand as far as I’ve seen some with great reviews, some with not so great reviews. It seems to me, after a week of using their products) that Revolution is another Elf or MUA. It’s very hit and miss but with so many products that you find, fall in love with and then purchase in every shade! A comment made by admin on their Facebook page also said that Revolution were a cruelty free brand that did not test on animals although I can’t find that written ‘officially’ anywhere.

I made my first order from Superdrug as they were having 3for2 (they still are) with free (slow) shipping on orders over £10. I still only got a few bits though as Revolution isn’t available in shops for me to swatch or extensively reviewed online like Elf is. You’ve got to be cautious even if it is all cheap as hell.

Redemption 12 Shade Palette – Acid Brights – £4.00blogline Continue reading

N A I L S | M U A S P R I N G/S U M M E R S H A D E S*

 MUA Pastel Nail Polishes - Spring Picks


So we’re getting into nice weather now and nails are always a big statement at this time of the year because they’re something you just can’t miss. You see a person’s hands numerous times throughout a day. Whether it’s nicely applied or one streaky coat, people will notice.

Now I’m the kind of girl that will designate nail painting time no matter how busy my schedule is. I just can’t have unpainted or severely chipped nails. It bugs the life out of me. When you paint your nails that often (I’ve increased from once a week to two or three times just because I like to change) then you need a lot of polishes. So when they only cost £1 and are great quality, you can’t really go wrong. Continue reading

N A I L S | B A R R Y M – S I L K S*

 BarryM Silks Review


I’ve had this draft completed for weeks and weeks now and am unsure why I haven’t posted it yet…. But here it is anyway. Short and sweet.


This gorgeous polish is from the Barry M Silk collection that was brought out a few months ago. The shade is called Heather and is a really dainty type of lilac with a silky/frosty finish. Perfect for spring, right? There are five other shades in the collection; Meadow, Truffle, Blossom, Pearl, & Mist. The only other colour I own is Pearl….. a pearlescent off white. I wouldn’t mind Blossom though. Continue reading

M U S I C | E U R O V I S I O N – C O N C H I T A W U R S T*

Eurovision Winner 2014 - Conchita Wurst, The Queen of Europe


Last night, May 10th, at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 live from Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe crowned Conchita Wurst of Austria as ‘The Queen of Europe’, something that in less liberal European countries (eh hem, Russia, Bitter Much?), didn’t go down so well. My take on it is this: Conchita Wurst was the most deserving winner finishing the night with 290 points. Sure, the Dutch song was cute, Amernia’s was weird but powerful and Sweden could have won hands down any other year but Conchita…..she brought everything to  the table.


The lyrics are meaningful and in no way cheesy. How many countries can say that of their entry? France? With only 2 points on the board at the end of the competition which put them in last place I can’t say that ‘Moustache‘ really did it for Europe. Nor did the Belorussian attempt with ‘Cheesecake‘ even though political ‘buddy votes’ managed to get them 43 points. I think people forget that Eurovision is a live singing contest.  Continue reading

F O O D | C A M P O V I E J O – S T R E E T S O F S P A I N*

Campo Viejo @ London Southbank - Jamon Jamon Paella


campo viejo

Me and my good friend Sam (Twitter: @21Swebb Instagram: @SamSWebb) decided to check out the Campo Viejo Streets of Spain festival at Southbank. I was really excited for it but….. less so on arrival.

I had expected it to be busy what with it being bank holiday, but the crowds were a bit much. When you’re a little hangry and people are treading on your toes it gets annoying very quickly. Everyone seemed to be having fun though; drinking sangria and chowing down on pork skewers. Even though the crowds were almost anarchic at times, that ‘Southbank’ feeling was there but that detracted from any Spanish vibes. What was missing, was some Spanish music or entertainment. Continue reading

B E A U T Y | D A R K S I S T E R*

Simple Gothic Glam Makeup - Purple/Black Ombre Lips

When I was around 13 or 14 I was a goth. Everything I wore was black, my make-up was black, I listened to heavy metal and hung around near the train tracks with the ‘dark’, older kids. I perfected the stony face and rarely spoke. Wearing black made me an outcast, being an outcast meant no one wanted to talk to me. – Perfect.

I thought I’d do a little bit of a Gothic look in homage to those years. I’m calling it ‘Dark Sister’ because I’m still heavily influenced by that scene and being a little Gothic is just another part of me. Continue reading

#2 | C O N V E R S A T I O N S W I T H M Y M O T H E R*



Discussing holiday destinations for our first trip abroad together.

Mum: Would you want to go to Florida?

Me: Florida doesn’t sound very fun. What wold I do there?

Mum: Eat?

If there’s one thing I need to do less of mother, it’s eating. – Like I’m just going to go abroad and spend all day everyday eating. Fit me with a gastric band and I might consider it.