F O O D | C A M P O V I E J O – S T R E E T S O F S P A I N*

Campo Viejo @ London Southbank - Jamon Jamon Paella


campo viejo

Me and my good friend Sam (Twitter: @21Swebb Instagram: @SamSWebb) decided to check out the Campo Viejo Streets of Spain festival at Southbank. I was really excited for it but….. less so on arrival.

I had expected it to be busy what with it being bank holiday, but the crowds were a bit much. When you’re a little hangry and people are treading on your toes it gets annoying very quickly. Everyone seemed to be having fun though; drinking sangria and chowing down on pork skewers. Even though the crowds were almost anarchic at times, that ‘Southbank’ feeling was there but that detracted from any Spanish vibes. What was missing, was some Spanish music or entertainment.


So anyway, I queued for a good twenty minutes for an okay sized portion of mediocre paella which was £5 from Jamon Jamon (Portobello Market). While I was waiting I watched as a fresh paella pan was filled with stock and seafood and all sorts of delicious looking things and my mouth watered. It just goes to show that looks can be deceiving. How can something so bright and vivid in colour taste so bland? The seafood was well cooked but plain and lacking adequate seasoning and the rice was oddly textured but palatable. I was happy with the presentation considering it was street food but the flavour was lacking which I just couldn’t understand. It didn’t taste very authentic at all. I guess that’s what happens when you’re churning food out to a large crowd. Something gets put on the back burner. In this case? It was the food.


I checked out a few of the other stalls here and there but the length of the queue’s were very off putting and the majority only sold one thing which was usually meat… not so good for a pescetarian. I’d love to visit a few of the produce stalls another time when there are fewer people about but I have no idea whether these stalls will even remain in markets around London. If someone knows where I could find the stall that sold the chilli’s and pepper’s then you’d be saving my life! I get all ‘Penelope Cruz – Woman on Top‘, when it comes to chilli’s.

woman on top



4 thoughts on “F O O D | C A M P O V I E J O – S T R E E T S O F S P A I N*

    • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

      Meat free for three years 🙂 – I am adventurous when I have the time but that at the moment. I did see some lovely looking salmon at the fish mongers in Whole Foods the other day so if I find the time, I shall pop back down there to pick up the ingredients. Thanks a lot 😀


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