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 BarryM Silks Review


I’ve had this draft completed for weeks and weeks now and am unsure why I haven’t posted it yet…. But here it is anyway. Short and sweet.


This gorgeous polish is from the Barry M Silk collection that was brought out a few months ago. The shade is called Heather and is a really dainty type of lilac with a silky/frosty finish. Perfect for spring, right? There are five other shades in the collection; Meadow, Truffle, Blossom, Pearl, & Mist. The only other colour I own is Pearl….. a pearlescent off white. I wouldn’t mind Blossom though.

As always with BarryM polishes, the formula is great, very easy to apply without streaks, dries relatively quickly and stays chip free for days. I’d even say that the Silks dry much faster than Barry M paints or Gelly’s by a good couple of minutes.

All of the BarryM effect polishes retail for £3.99 from Boots, Superdrug and BarryM Online. Boots & Superdrug always have 3for2 so you can always get a good deal. Superdrug are running 3for2 online and in store right now. I’d go grab a few. Especially if you’re a BarryM collector like me. The new Summer Matte collection and Summer Gelly‘s may even tickle your fancy while you’re there too :p.


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