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MakeUp Revolution First Impression/Reviewblogline


Where new make-up products are introduced to the market we all go crazy with anticipation. We just HAVE TO try whatever it is. It happened with the Naked 3, it happened with the MAC Maleficent collection even though the latter was really nothing special. Imagine my excitement when a new BUDGET brand launches with products that actually look really really good quality.

Enter: Make Up Revolution.


Blogs have been going mad for this brand as far as I’ve seen some with great reviews, some with not so great reviews. It seems to me, after a week of using their products) that Revolution is another Elf or MUA. It’s very hit and miss but with so many products that you find, fall in love with and then purchase in every shade! A comment made by admin on their Facebook page also said that Revolution were a cruelty free brand that did not test on animals although I can’t find that written ‘officially’ anywhere.

I made my first order from Superdrug as they were having 3for2 (they still are) with free (slow) shipping on orders over £10. I still only got a few bits though as Revolution isn’t available in shops for me to swatch or extensively reviewed online like Elf is. You’ve got to be cautious even if it is all cheap as hell.

Redemption 12 Shade Palette – Acid Brights – £4.00blogline




We may as well start with the palette because it’s certainly the most interesting thing in the picture what with brights and neons being on trend this year. I have to say I’m pretty impressed with it despite the shadows being a little chalky. Once  you get a good solid primer or base on the lid even the brightest shades (yellow and green) show up no problem. The colour selection is really great but it’s definitely no dupe for the Urban Decay Electric palette like I’ve read some people saying. How could it be for just £4?? For a start the shades aren’t even the same. They’re not close at all so I don’t recommend you rushing off to buy this instead of that. I do recommend rushing off to buy it just because it’s a great addition to any kit just to be able to have those splashes of colour here and there. My favourite shades are the orange and the black. The orange because it’s a great transition colour if you blend it enough and that’s not just on darker skintones either. I love the black for under the lash line. If you smoke it out with a small push liner brush or even a cotton bud then it looks great and I don’t often add product to my brows, but this is also a good colour for black eyebrows. Most people just assume that a black eyebrow needs a jett black pencil, shadow or gel but that just looks fake and unnatural. The black in this palette is quite ashy which is great for just filling in small gaps and defining the arch like I do (when I can be bothered).

Mono Eyeshadow – Rave All Night – £1.00blogline



You may be thinking that Rave All Night is the same as the purple in  the Acid Brights palette but it really isn’t. That isn’t even just the make up addict in me saying that two identical products are completely different. Rave All Night is definitely pink hued whereas the purple from the palette has a blue undertone. I don’t really like Rave All Night on my eyelids but just by chance, I tried it as a blush and because it’s so pink, it looks great when dusted lightly on the apples of the cheeks. Apparently though, the colours from the Scandalous Eyeshadow Collection are visible under UV lights so I will not be wearing this out at night or anything! That culd be a disaster in photographs.

Eye Dust – Allure, Grandeur, Hysteria – £1.00blogline



dustswatcheslllThese eye dusts are by far my favourite from this bunch. The formula is so incredibly soft and rich. They’re exactly the same quality as some more expensive brands including Sleek and Barry M. I’m just so in love. They come in a little pot with 1.5g of product which is insane for the price. The little pot also has a shaker/dispenser type thing which is better than some other which don’t have that option and spill everywhere.

As for the colours, Allure is a really soft silver/lilac which I’ve been using in the inner corner and partnered with a few shades from the Sleek Vintage Romance Palette (review coming soon). Hysteria is a blue/purple that looks great on the lower lash line. And Grandeur…. Grandeur. It’s just a simple gold/brown but it’s just so beautiful. I wear it all over the lid with the black from the palette along the lower lash line. Black liner in the waterline and bam! It’s such a special colour and it stays put all day while keeping that ‘sheen’ and glow. At £1 I may have to get all of the shades. There are 25 in total and the collector in me says to stock up!

Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer – You Took My Love – £3.00blogline




fotor0524101949lllI really wanted everything to be really good but unfortunately everything about the Salvation Lip Lacquer is a no no. The packaging put me off straight away. Even though it’s essentially the exact same thing as the MUA Lacquers this is just hideous. The ‘rose gold’ (not rose gold at all) looks cheap and whoever chose the medieval font needs to be fired. The colour scheme just looks tacky. The shade I got was You Took My Love. Who chose these stupid names? (Keep Trying for You….. Keep Crying for You… etc). This shade took my breath away but for all the wrong reasons. It’s so hideously neon. I know it was my own fault for buying the wrong shade. There’s one that’s a lot more subtle, but still. Who wears this? Like… outside? Who? It looks radioactive in real life even after it’s mattefied. The staying power isn’t as good as the MUA LUXE Lacquers either which is a big shame. For the same price, I expected them to be very comparable. Especially considering that the man behind MUA is allegedly the same guy behind Revolution. You’ve probably gathered that I wasn’t a big fan of this at all. I won’t be repurchasing any of the other shades and that includes the colour that I had actually wanted. The formula is just a bit iffy and definitely doesn’t stay on the lips for very long.

Annnnd, if anyone’s interested, the orange headband in the photo is from H&M and is £3.99. 😀


Has anyone else tried or is looking to try anything from Make Up Revolution? I hope this review helped those of you who were thinking of purchasing something. 
25% off Discount Code Valid until the end of July – MUR25

8 thoughts on “B E A U T Y | MA K E U P R E V O L U T I O N I N T R O D U C T I O N*

  1. gingerlovesmakeup says:

    So you caved too! 🙂
    The lippie really is hideous. The colour is insane. And the packaging looks incredibly cheap. Reminds me very much of unbranded market stall make-up. That kind of make-up most women wouldn’t touch with a pole…

    The pigments seem to be nice. I couldn’t blame you if you bought all of them. Plus backups! 🙂


    • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

      My mum said she’d disown me if I bought all of the pigments. I think she was fibbing so I just might have to get all of them 😀

      And yes, I agree with you on the velvet lip thing. It’s horrible. The colour is just so wrong. – I have a few of their normal lipsticks in my online basket and apparently they’re quite good. Well, as good as MUA. I’ll be steering clear of the glosses and lacquers though.


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