F O O D | G R E E D Y C O W*


Greedy Cow Burgers & Steaks Review


It seems like an age since I’ve posted anything food or drink related on here which is odd because I’ve eaten out a ridiculous amount recently! Today’s fine establishment is Greedy Cow a small little place tucked away on a less than impressive street in Mile End, E3. For my birthday me and The Boy decided to venture out of Soho and try another area of London and after a sweltering hot tube ride on the Central Line, a 15 minute wait for a broken door on the tube in front of us to be fixed and a less then spectacular first impression, we found ourselves at no.2 Grove Road with rumbling tummies and very little patience.

Greedy Cow is quite small and compact and can only fit three single tables across with a small space for waiters to walk through. I’ve been told there’s an upstairs seating area too and as the place filled up in the evening there were people shown upstairs. There’s not much to say about the service, the staff were all friendly enough but for the most part we were left alone (in a bright corner with no blinds) to enjoy our meals. There only problem was that there seemed to me to be far too many waiters and waitresses for such a small restaurant. They were just milling about looking to catch the eye of customers. Onto the food. We started out with the king prawns and fishcakes.

prawnsandfishcakes The fishcakes were very filling on their own but that’s never a bad thing especially as they were the best fishcakes I’ve ever eaten. And trust me, as a pescatarian I’ve tried 1,000,001 different kinds. The haddock tasted almost smoked but it wasn’t, they were just perfect. Really quite moist and full of flavour. The prawns were nice enough, as was the accompanying chilli sauce but they were nothing special. You can get breaded prawns anywhere.



The staple of Greedy Cow’s menu are their three ‘exotic’ burgers. These are Camel, Kangaroo and Wild Board; they all cost about £9. I’m not a meat eater but out of the three I’d probably have gone for the Kangaroo. 🙂 The image below is of the camel burger with avocado and dry cured bacon (£1.15/topping). I tried to get some sort of description out of The Boy and all he managed was ‘It’s unlike anything I’ve had before […] but it’s very meaty’. He wolfed the thing down though so I’m guessing it was good.



I stuck to salmon fillet as it seemed to be the only other things that I was drawn to. There was a salmon salad and a Tuna Niçoise but neither of those tickled my fancy.  There only other vegetarian options were a veggie burger, a bog standard salad and a butternut squash salad. I can forgive the lack of choice though seen as it is a steak and burger restaurant.

salmonfillet As for the salmon, it was amazing. The only issue was that the crispy skin, which I’d usually eat, was somewhere between soggy and slimey so the texture was quite unpleasant. But other than that, the actual flesh of the salmon was perfect and tasted great. The salmon was supposed to come with jasmine rice but I substituted for chips because a lady on the table next to me had some and they looked delicious.

And just as a quick mention, the onion rings! They were HUGE and delicious. Easily the best I’ve ever had but they could seriously be a meal on their own.




The Greedy Cow 
2 Grove Road
E3 5AX

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