D I S C U S S I O N | T H E B A D S I D E O F B E A U T Y*

The Bad Side of Beauty – Drastic Weight Loss & Surgical Enhancements in the Beauty Community


I’m not one for downer posts but over the recent months, this has been really bugging me and no one knows what I’m talking about when I mention BeautyCrush or Helen MelonLady so I feel a blog post is warranted.

What I’m getting at is weight loss.

YouTube guys/girls are loved by us (usually) because they’re so real. Obviously as they become more well known and become bigger faces in industry they begin to change a little. Everyone changes as they grow up. But the people who watch their videos and support them don’t watch because they’re now super skinny or because they’ve had their boobs done. We support them because they are who they are. Or at least, they were.

It’s quite sad really that normal people, who for years filmed videos, written blog posts and were happy in themselves suddenly find the desire to drop four dress sizes and go under the knife. Would they have done the same if they weren’t feeling pressured by the fact that there’s always someone watching??



Suddenly obsessed with spamming my Instagram wall with her weightloss, gym outfits, meal plans and overall ‘look at me, I’m so skinny now’-ness. Not that she was ever overweight before I might add. The issue I have is that it doesn’t seem like she’s doing it to lead a healthy lifestyle or that she’s doing it to feel better about herself, it feels like a cover up for something much deeper.



Fixating on bits of her body that looked perfectly good before and going through some drastic changes to please who? Herself? Her millions of followers? Her Tumblr says a lot about it too with pictures of perfect women with perfect breasts (often fake) posted most days. Weight loss is weight loss, but adding the surgery makes it overkill.



If the focus is on makeup and cosmetics, then why the boob job? Why do we suddenly hear about them halfway through a tutorial? She tells us ‘I don’t need to wear a bra’. We know. 😐 Why am I constantly being told how imperfect they were before; shamelessly plugging the Vlog channel by talking about post-op updates? And not only that, but she’s going to have all of her teeth corrected now too, because apparently, there’s something (??) wrong with them. (How to gain confidence? – Get a boob job?)

And I get it, I really do. Being any less than perfect when you’re photographed everyday and noticed by young girls in the street can be hard on you especially when some of those girls hang on your every word. And I get that a lot of us feel like we need a bit of self improvement and it can make us feel a lot better in ourselves. But these YouTube personalities are role models whether they like it or not. For girls like me who follow all of them of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. etc. to have nothing but a news feed full of barely there meals and barely there bodies, it’s depressing. And the saddest part is that these YouTube personalities are still so young themselves. I don’t think any of them are over 24…..

I’m not judging anyone because of course, if you’re old enough and it’s 100% your decision (regarding surgery) then go for it…. I’m just wondering about the effects these things have on young or easily influenced viewers (under 18). We already have magazines and pictures of perfect people everywhere, do we really need the ‘ordinary’ people doing it too? Or is it just that? Are they also overly influenced by the media portrayed images of perfection and beauty?

It’s not just these three either. Helen MelonLady, ShirleyBEniang and BritPopPrincess have all jumped on the ‘I have to be perfect’ bandwagon. Admittedly, BritPopPrincess hasn’t done that so much recently because she realised it was more about embracing what you have than coveting the things you don’t but for the rest of them, it must be so exhausting! (Read BritPopPrincess’s ‘No Body’s Perfect’ post here.) We’re not quite at a size zero epidemic but it seems to me that we’re slowly getting there. But this time it’s not some distant model being used, someone that we can’t relate to, just a picture in a magazine; it’s that everyday girl, a Sammi or a Shannon… she could be anyone of us, and now she’s nothing like anyone we ever were or could possibly be. They’re setting the standards but they’re setting them way too high.

I just wish these girls would realise that the reason they have so many followers is because we love them just the way they are (Bridget Jones reference). Everyone changes bits about their outward appearance from time to time but it’s the drastic changes in weight and appearance, the nips, tucks and tweaks that are just so off putting and unnecessary.


14 thoughts on “D I S C U S S I O N | T H E B A D S I D E O F B E A U T Y*

  1. littlebookblog says:

    Love this! It’s so so so true! All it is doing is putting more pressure on teenagers, that it’s not okay to be loved for who you are and that perfection is better. Really thought provoking, thank you 🙂 x


    • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

      That’s exactly it!! I just feel as though the people behind magazines have suddenly realised that they can’t influence us with the Kate Moss and Kendall Jenner look anymore so they’re putting pressure on these normal girls who in turn put pressure on us. – I just feel a little let down – Thanks for reading xx


  2. Cece says:

    Very good post.Unfortunately being somehow ‘fake is the new real’.And people will be encouraging you in saying “be you” or ” be real’.But what does that even mean nowadays?With Kim Kardashian, Nicky Minaj,Beyonce…being today’s beauty Icons despite being fake from head to toes.Not to mention Rihanna who makes nakedness the new ‘best dressed’.
    My conclusion is: weather people admit it or not they like fakeness.Because it attract attention…


  3. anastasiias says:

    On the one hand if you are adult you can do with your body whatever you want on the other hand I also noticed lots of girls on youtube try to fit in the perfect magazine picture (which are photoshopped actually all the time). I watch Karissa Pukas and she had a boob job also, but I think it’s 100% her decision with no pressure. She still has her style, she doesn’t try to contour her face till it’s “perfect magazine face”, she has her face if you understand what I mean. Oposite example,Michelle Phan, who is very cute girl with a nice face but still already some time tries to do make-up to change her face to a totally different person’s face. Sometimes it’s fun to change your look like that, but not all the time. Sport pictures on instagram it’s other story for me. I do sport sometimes, sometimes I don’t do at all. The thing is I do it to feel better in my body, to feel my body more flexible and young. I personally don’t like pictures from gym.. soo much..you can’t imagine. 😀 Why do you make photos in gym? People come to sweat there usually. If you go to gym everyone will notice without any photos. This photos usually don’t promote healthy way of life but made to impress.


    • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

      It’s that desire to impress that is really at the heart of this blog post. The girls that I’ve discussed are just losing themselves trying to be what they think society wants them to be and forgetting what/who got them there in the first place and the reasons why.


  4. ohtogoawandering says:

    You’ve completely nailed the niggling feeling I’ve had about the online beauty community for a while now: I love watching the beauty YouTubers and reading beauty blogs but the double standards do make me cringe a bit. It seems like the trend is very much for people (often myself included, I have to admit) ‘Everyone is perfect the way they are, you have to embrace yourself and your flaws’ but then follow it up with ‘But I really want to lose weight, and I hate my nose/hips/thighs, and if I could just change X or Y…’ It’s great to see somebody in the beauty community starting a conversation about this kind of thing! 🙂


  5. neo mholo says:

    Actually Britpopprincess has had a boobjob recently and posted this before taking it down when she got a lot of hate on instagram;
    “With all the comments In my recent pics I thought I’d address. The answer is..YES. The reason why..CHANGE HAPPENS. If your not happy with something there are 2 options accept it and roll, or change it. I chose the later after a lot of research and growing a pair of balls. Again nothing actually changes on the inside, I just look a lil different on the outside, my only regret…not doing it earlier. Please to all my followers there’s no need for disappointment in me as a person, I’m a grown married woman who has insecurities like everyone else, I chose to do something about it. For you who have followed me long enough know that it has been my bugbear, so I’ve done what makes me happy. I love you all and those amazing followers who have had my back, have made me so proud and smile with all you responses, your so ride or die 😘😘😘😄 and I love you. Some of you have notices a spring in my step and a glow. It’s because I’m truly doing me, I have so many imperfections and I never felt ‘beautiful’ by the worlds standards, but I don’t care about that, have my own benchmark and I’m exceeding it 😁 #doyou #imhappy #notjustnecauseofthe boobies #thatwouldbestubid #nowineedmorebras #offtothebeach ”
    I loved how this blogger put it;
    http://dawnmelissavlogs.wordpress.com/2014/07/10/patricia-brights-new-boobs-britpopprincess/ -my feelings exactly

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  6. Dawn Melissa says:

    This so perfectly captures what I was trying to say. With the exception of Patricia Bright I have stopped watching many of the YouTubers who had surgery or major weight loss. I have enough body image issues of my own to deal with. Great post!


    • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

      Me too, but not just because of the hypocrisy. With BeautyCrush and Shirley especially they just stopped posting videos. Or videos that were maybe three minutes long with no actual content. Too busy to actually remember the viewers. It just feels like they rode to the top on the back of us, climbed off then threw us away.


      • Dawn Melissa says:

        Lol…yeah. Kind of sad when you think about it. But also I just stopped relating. When that happens I lose interest. I still relate to Patricia though. I hope she doesn’t forget about us!!!


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