B E A U T Y | F L A W L E S S P A L E T T E*

Makeup Revolution Flawless 32 Colour Palette Review w/ Swatches


WARNING: It’ a long one.

You may have seen my previous Makeup Revolution post where I showed you guys the first few products I tried from this new brand that launched in February/March of this year. Since then, despite already having an absolute sh*t load of products, Revolution have released even more new products plus a sister brand under the Revolution umbrella called ‘I ♥ MakeUp’.

One of the newer products is the Flawless palette (£8) which, according to the site consists of 32 ultra professional shadows ‘ with a great mix of shimmer and matte, wearable and experimental shades to create any look  for amazing performance and value!’. For me this is very much an ‘experimental’ palette because I’m never usually a great lover of nude or everyday type shades. I love bright colours or something with a bit of kick rather than neutrals.


In terms of packaging, the palette comes in a shiny rose gold cardboard box, which unlike the Salvation Lip Lacquers that I reviewed in my last haul, doesn’t look at all tacky and has actually been saved to store the palette in because it’s something that’s actually quite elegant looking. On the back of the box is a pretty dodgy picture of all of the shades. I say dodgy because they don’t look like the colours in the palette and if I hadn’t already seen it reviewed by bloggers and photographed by Revolution themselves I’d have been pretty annoyed to open it and get something other than what the box shows. This might be an occurence when Revolution hits Superdrug stores! – The palette itself is very sturdy and despite having a thick base, it still remains quite slim. The mirror is HUMUNGOUS which no one in their right mind could possibly complain about. It also sits up on its own unlike some palettes that have a large mirror but it needs to be propped up (why?!). It doesn’t come with a brush or double ended sponge tip but I prefer that because they just take up space and we never use  them anyway!


The palette itself has five matte shades, two with chunky glitters and the rest are shimmers or pearls. Some look matte until you swatch them. The names are written in quite small lettering and the colour blends with most of the shadows so for those who are wondering the names (from left to right, across in rows) are:

Paper | Soft Glow | Buff | Highlite | Angel | Unlimited | Brew | Silver Smoke | Almost There | Uncover | Barely Pink | Lowlite | Golden Night | Gold Digger | Cheerless | Blue Stars | Smudge | Shimmer Heart | Universal | Copper Shimmer | Medal | Darkest Shimmer | Tarnish | Black Tie | Pure Chocolate | Raw | Red Night | Molten Chocolate | Burgundy Nights | Green Star | Café Noir | Night

I think the names really do suit the shades. Universal, Molten Chocolate and Cheerless especially. Cheerless made me chuckle because in the pan it looks exactly that, cheerless. It’s a sort of amped up mauve that’s still just a bit ‘blah’ to look at but once on the lids it changed to something really pretty! It’s a transformer!

I’ve swatched these shadows in columns, the first four being Paper, Almost There, Smudge & Pure Chocolate and so on and so on. I’ll apologise now for any changes in my skin tone in the images, I haven’t edited them, I’m just determined to figure out the manual settings on my new camera and haven’t quite managed it yet so the colours come out funny sometimes. The shadows however are as true to real likeness as possible…. which is pretty darn true.


*Paper is the chalkiest shade in the palette.


Looking at these shades in the pan I honestly thought I’d have no use for them but all four of these shades have uses and are really easy to work with. They’re perfect everyday shades.


Universal and  Red Night are the two shades that I’ve been itching to use but as I don’t wear makeup everyday there just aren’t enough makeup filled days to be able to get around to them. I’m in need of a dedicated ‘eye look day’!!


Revolution is already cheap as chips and this entire palette is only £8. If Copper Shimmer and Molten Chocolate were single shades from a bigger brand, I’d pay £8+ for each of them, that’s how lovely the shades are.


Angel is very samey-samey. I say this because it’s similar to a lot f shadows that I already have. It’s nice to have a backup though. It’s a good one for inner corner highlights or under the brow bone.


This is my favourite ‘quad’ out of the palette and I apologise about how Green Stars came out in the image. When you first see the palette Green Stars is undoubtedly one of the shades you’re most drawn to. It’s the perfect antique green with gold shimmer running throughout. It reminds me a lot of a Mac shadow I’ve had on my wishlist for yeaaaaars: Gilt By Association. Gilt is more of a gold/black mix but if you know what I mean by that, then you’ll get how pretty this is (See swatch here). Again, apologies for the camera blur.

sam_20567Another four beautiful colours. I actually did a giddy dance when I swatched these four yesterday. They’re all very ‘Naked 3’-ish and look as though they’d fit in that palette beautifully. Cafe Noir is (for me) a great ‘all over the lid) shade.


And to round things off we have what I call the ‘clubbing colours’, the one’s you might wear on a night out. Silver Smoke, my absolute favourite, looks very similar to Slate from the Lorac Pro Palette which ItsJudyTime used in her last video; ‘Sultry Girl’s Night Out Makeup‘. Blue Stars and Black Tie were a little bit disappointing for me but that was only on first swatching them. I do all of my swatches without my primer so the sparkles and glitters wren’t really sticking but once you get something for those little bits to cling onto, the shades are out of this world. Night just refused to swatch nicely but is actually the deepest matte charcoal black you’ve ever seen in your life. It’s not as black as Sleek Noir because it’s quite grey based but it’s still extremely rich and opaque.

All in all, I really am raving about this palette. The quality is much better than more expensive brands. Definitely better than some Maybelline and Revlon shadows, especially those new Colorstay Shadowlinks which are so hit and miss. DYNA Maltese Makeup Artist swatched the sister palette to this ‘Eyes Like Angels’ and a lot of the shades were gorgeous but quite frosty which isn’t usually what I go for. The collector in me however says that I need the palette even if I wont use every single shadow like I will in the Flawless palette.

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8 thoughts on “B E A U T Y | F L A W L E S S P A L E T T E*

  1. emlota says:

    It’s so beautiful! I’m sat sighing at my iPad at the thought of it. I definitely need to get my hands on it soon! Brilliant review (: xx


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