B E A U T Y | C I D C O S M E T I C S – I – C R A Y O N*

New CID Cosmetics I-Crayon – Strawberry Souffle

The lovely Nicole Scherzinger graced the cover of Cosmo this month and with it, a free gift worth (apparently) £14.00 from what I’d assume is a new brand called CID Cosmetics. The I-Crayon can be applied to the lips or  to the cheeks as a cream blush and are 3g.

August-2014I’m never usually bothered in the slightest about magazine free gifts and this was no different, especially considering I’ve never even heard of the brand. But, I’ve worn this for three days running and it’s glorious.

It’s much more pigmented than a regular chubby balm stain thingy and the colour lasts a really long time. In terms of consistency it feels like a cross between a gel and a gloss but it isn’t sticky at all and you don’t get the horrible lip gloss build up around the inside of the lip.

You do however get a bit of a plastic-y scent but it’s weirdly pleasant like a boiled sweet with a flavour that I can’t quite place.


swatchThe colour is a very deep orange that borders on red and looks very ‘fruity’; perfect for a flirty summer! – In the main image I’m wearing Strawberry Souffle paired with Maybelline Shine Gloss in Electric Orange which doesn’t dilute the colour of the crayon at all, it just enhances it with a little bit of shine.

Overall I love this product but the price is a bit much for a brand that isn’t very well known or very accessible. – If I could find it in a shop and not have to pay £4 delivery, I’d probably repurchase!


Did any of you guys buy this month’s Cosmo?

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