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Five Product Face Tag - Essentials for Everyday

Fotor0723215531MissBudgetBeauty and Kim from AlmostFortyAlmostFabulous did YouTube videos on the five products that they would always use as travel essentials or as essentials to ‘wake up’ and complete an everyday look. When I was doing my makeup this morning I realised that recently I’ve only been using five products as well which is both sad and amazing seen as I have so much makeup these days, you’d think I’d get my money’s worth out of a few more bits day to day.


1 | MAC Matchmaster Foundation – 7.5

2 | MakeUp Revolution – Flawless Palette  (Reviewed here)

3 | MakeUp Revolution Amazing Eyeliner – Waterproof

4| Sleek Face Form Bronzer – Medium

5 | New CID Cosmetics I-Crayon – Strawberry Souffle (Reviewed here)

I don’t do anything overly exciting here. I just applied the MatchMaster with my trusty ELF Powder Brush. Then I applied the shade Cheerless from the Flawless palette to the lid and blended up a little with the ELF Flawless Concealer Brush until the colour began to fade. Just to add to the bronzy summer look I used the bronzer from the Face Form kit above that for a bit of a glow. Next, my new favourite thing, the Amazing Waterproof liner for an elongated cat eyed wing (review to follow) because I just can’t seem to go without anymore. Lashings of bronzer onto the cheeks, up to the temple and a little on the hair line with a big dense fluffy brush (mine’s a no brand that I got from the pound shop years and years ago but it works like a dream) and then a bright orange/red lip to finish.


Which five products could you not feel 'complete' without? - Let me know in the comments!
I tag ACasualBeauty, SarahLovesMakeUp, Anastasiias & Emlota!!



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