T H E H A P P Y L I S T | #1*

 Happy List | #1


After joining a new blogging community: The Lovely Lady Bloggers, i spent a few hours trawling through new blogs and connecting with other female bloggers. One of those is Wax from Waxy World  whose Happy List blog post really caught my attention. It was The Duck and the Owl who inspired Wax to do this and now I’m going to give it a go and attempt to stick with it weekly or bi-weekly, I’m not sure yet!

Even if I don’t do anything really interesting, there’s always something that makes you smile or makes you happy. Sometimes it’s just the small things!

1 | Long Lost Family, ITV1, Monday's, 9pm

I HATE to cry but Long Lost Family is one of those things that can only produce happy tears. Reuniting family members with their loved ones, who wouldn’t be happy to watch that?

2 | 50 Shades of Grey Trailer Teaser

I’m not ashamed to say that I LOVE 50 Shades of Grey. Yes the story is predictable but who really cares when Christian Grey is so hot?! Even in a book! – I refused to take any interest in the film adaptation initially because I hated the actress cast as Anastasia but I think she’s grown on me a little and Beyonce’s teaser trailer has whet my appetite even more than it was before.

3 | ZARA Sale

I was in ZARA for around two hours this last Saturday, the sale there was something else entirely. There were so many amazing things on sale and everything was in my size!! When does that ever happen?!

4 | Big Brother Eviction

I’m just soooo happy that no one voted to keep the Essex sl*g, excuse my French, in the Big Brother house. – I’m by no means a prude but walking into the house, live on national television and asking the first guy she sees when she can ‘ride his cock’ is just trashy. And my dislike of Biancca has nothing to do with the fact she’s a stripper. It has more to do with her being proud that she’s had over 300, yes, 300, sexual partners!! In her own words she’ll ‘shag anything’. – Good riddance!! #happy

5 | SheLovesToRead

I found Laura’s blog through Lizzie @MyLittleBookBlog after catching her recent post on a new challenge (#SexMeUpReadathon)  which was created by Laura. The whole idea is to attempt to remove some of the stigma from people reading erotic fiction and for a week, your book reviews are based on erotic novels. – Now, I’ve not actually read any erotica for a long while, I just don’t seem to have the time what with university reading lists and dissertation preparation but would like to get involved in some way or another. So I’ll be posting a few of my own reviews in the coming weeks as my own contribution to the Sex Me Up Readathon (21nd-25th July).

6 | Django Unchained

Classic Tarantino but without the really really dramatic ketchup blood. Yeah, it’s still a little bit more like syrup than anything but the artistry in this film (blood spraying all over pure white cotton) is actually really rather beautiful.

7 | I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

About two or three days after the death of Maya Angelou a university lecturer set us this book for some light background reading on an upcoming module. ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is recognised as a biographical account of Angelou’s life. It’s a coming of age story and although it’s a difficult read for me to read things that can be applied to my own childhood, it’s also a story that has so many happy bits and bobs scattered throughout.

**I did a month or so of  my ‘Weekly Vibe‘ but lost track of it when I took part in the A-Z Blogging Challenge (which I never actually finished, whoops!), so I’ll be including my favourite songs here in this weekly round up!

This week it’s a compilation album and the TV advert has been driving me nuts because the 90’s Smooth Grooves are just so ME. – If you catch the advert then you’ll be singing the songs all day long.



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