B E A U T Y | I ♥ C H O C O L A T E*


Makeup Revolution I ♥ Chocolate Palette Review w/ Swatches


Life is a box of…. Pick and mix for your eyes. You will want to try EVERY chocolate in the box!

One of the best beauty related decisions I’ve ever made has to be my purchasing the MakeUp Revolution Flawless & I ♥ MakeuP I ♥ Chocolate Palette’s.  Whilst I have my Naked 3 Palette for fancy occasions or flirty feel good days I now have the Chocolate palette for everything else. (RRP £7.99) And I literally mean everything else.

It’s supposedly a dupe for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette but I don’t own that and never really had any desire to so I can’t attest to how similar the two products are. I can definitely see similarities in terms of colour and packaging though although if I were buying based solely on pacakaging, I’d choose Revolution over Too Faced. And yet again the collector comes out in me whereby I NEED to get the sister palette, Death By Chocolate just because of the packaging more than anything!

The palette comes in a brown box with a cut out….. it’s a box… I’m not sure I’ll be keeping this one. On the bottom is a picture of the shades, which again is a little too dark to be truly representative of the colours but is a good indication.


So anyway, we’ve seen that Revolution have amazing quality shadows with both the Acid Brights palette and the Flawless palettes and the Chocolate palette follows with even more quality shadows in an array of both mattes and shimmers. Now I’ve heard that Too Faced’s palette smells like chocolate or at least like cocoa and this palette doesn’t claim to do that. BUT….. having said that, after giving the palette a good sniff and then doing the same to the other Revolution shadows (I must have looked crazy sniffing my shadows), the Revolution palette does indeed smell slightly chocolate-y. It’s really quite pleasant.

Like most of the palette from Revolution there’s a hugggge mirror which I love and a double ended sponge tip applicator which is ridiculously soft and spongy. I’ve been using it to apply You Need Love as a highlight and it goes on like butter and blends with my transition shade beautifully to give a slight golden glow under the brow.


You Need Love | Piece Me Together | One More Piece | Love Torn | Stolen Chocolate
Thank Friday | More | Pleasure Girl | Meet Chocolate | Unforgivable | Love Divine
Smooth Criminal | Chocolate Love | You Need More | What a Way to Go | Endorphins Ready

Let’s get swtachy!! – I’m going across in rows starting with You Need Love. (Natural lighting is not my friend when it comes to swatches – HOW DO PEOPLE DO THIS? Lots of awkward arm movements!! I need tips but I’m working on getting better)


Piece me together is a dark green/brown with fine gold specs. It feels very sexy and Arabic to me (if you know what I mean?), I don’t know why. Love Torn has the same gold specs running throughout.

Stolen Chocolate is matte brown that verges on black, it’s nice for crease and outer corner work especially when wearing falsies.


I love the shimmer in More! and Love Divine. Unlike a lot of budget shadows these are not frosty at all. I don’t think frost really suits anyone day-t-day and am glad that these just have a perfect sheen.

DSC_2092My favourite five shades! How beautiful are they?! Nothing needs to be said other than You Need More?….. yes, yes I do.

I took this palette away for a week and had no damage in my carry case. This and the Flawless palette were all I brought along and used the Chocolate palette most days. I had zero issues with fallout and every shade blends like a dream. Admittedly I’m yet to use Meet Chocolate because it’s a bit light for my skin tone but I’m sure to find a way to incorporate it one day soon!

What do you guys think of this palette? First Impressions?
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8 thoughts on “B E A U T Y | I ♥ C H O C O L A T E*

    • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

      Me too. It really is what I’ve been missing. I’ve got so many individual shadows but no palettes that have everything I need. Now I do! – The only issue is that a couple of the colours are already being over used 😦 – Thank Friday, One More Piece and Pleasure Girl are definitely all day, everyday colours.


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