N A I L S | R I M M E L – I T ‘ S A S C O R C H E R*

Rimmel Lasting Finish #504 - It's a Scorcher


You know when you go down the make up aisle just to look and you tell yourself you can’t leave with nothing? This is what I picked up from the Rimmel stand at ASDA just because I couldn’t leave empty handed.

Rimmel Lasting Finish in the shade #504 It’s a Scorcher. A bright, neon orange with subtle gold shimmer.

It’s summer time, the weather here in the UK has been unnaturally glorious and bright nails make me even happier.

DSC_2093I really do love this polish. After a disaster with an ASDA own Gel polish (£3) and around six attempts to make it work, I went back to brands that I know and love. This polish went on in two coats and dried really quickly with no streaks and a high sheen. Four days after application and I’ve only had one chip but that was because my thumb nail split and not because of the polish.

Love, love, love! Epic staying power.


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