B E A U T Y | I ♥ M A K E U P – I N T R O D U C T I O N*

I ♥ Makeup (MakeUp Revolution) Haul/ First Impressions

10570528_894124540616683_7060068017382536654_nSo I’ve been spamming your WordPress Readers, Instagram and Twitter feeds with my posts about MakeUp Revolution and I’m going to continue in a shameless fashion!!

The sister company…. I ♥ MakeUp also recently launched and the babes over at Revolution HQ thought I’d like to try out a few of the bits and bobs. They were right of course. I’ve already had a bit of a taster with the I ♥ Chocolate palette which I’m in love with so I have high hopes for this little lot!

Sneak peak – Reviews to follow….. Just look at those colours!!!


Check out full reviews below:

Lip Geeks | I Heart Sin | #SELFIE | Makeup Geek

Products - 
Make Up Geek Slogan Palette
Lip Geek Lipsticks - Barbie is Jealous & Colour Overdose
#SELFIE Slogan Palette
I Heart Sin Palette

The makeup geek in me is seriously aroused!!

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