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MakeUp Revolution I ♥ MakeUp Lip Geek Review w/ lip swatches – Barbie is Jealous & Colour Overdose


I’ve been posting a lot recently about the amazing budget beauty brand MakeUp Revolution and I’m not ashamed to say that this is another one of those posts! I’ve found a brand where I love and more importantly, can afford to love and I’m not holding back sharing these kinds of savings with you guys!!

As today is National Lipstick day (HURRAH), I thought I’d go right ahead and test out some new lip products.

I was sent these two beauts yesterday and was immediately reminded of much higher end products because of the sleek black boxes. I absolutely love the pink and blue and despite them being such bright colours, they don’t look tacky at all. I also love the MACesq bullets. They click shut sturdily so there’s no chance of the lids coming off either and they just look pretty. I don’t usually like packaging that isn’t black but MUR are winning me over with these little fuscia babies. I also love that both the ox and the bullet have a very accurate coloured sticker with the shade name on the bottom!

You’ll love these if you’re one for having your lipsticks on display. The metallic bullets do get grubby quite easily though with finger prints so you’ll want to give them a bit of a wipe before storing them on your vanity.

makeuprev lip geek


The two shades I have are Barbie is Jealous & Colour Overdose. They retail for £2.99 which is an awesome price and is comparable to other brands like 2true who also have great quality lipsticks for under £3. After trying these I’ve recently just ordered (amongst other things) another Lip Geek in the shade Totally NOT Boring which is a gorgeous purpley shade.

The one thing I’m really happy about is the fact that whoever picked these two shades actually took the time to read a bit of my blog to find out about me in order to make good choices. They know I like bright lip colours so they sent over bright lip colours. They also know that I have dark kin and therefore they sent over flattering/complimentary shades. Big thumbs up for that.



The consistency of the lipsticks is uber creamy which is both a plus and a minus. If you have a really dark natural lip colour then Colour Overdose will come across streaky. My liptone is a sort of peach and Colour Overdose is only just not streaky on me. I do love the colour, it’s a kind of coral/red which is really on trend right now. I just wish it were a dryer formula. Not quite matte but not as creamy. Then it’d be perfect. I’m still going to get lots of use out of it though. I’ve been mixing a lot of lip products with Maybelline Lipgloss in Electric Orange and that makes the consistency a bit more forgiving without diluting the colour.


Barbie is Jealous is just perfect for all year round. It’s blue based and pigmented enough to work well on all lip shades and looks great with both bold and neutral eyes. It’s the kind of shade that made me do a little dance when I had it on. Lots of pouting and gyrating around and just generally feeling goooooood. – It also stains a little which is good because it’s also quite long lasting. I got around four hours of wear out of it before I needed to reapply. I didn’t eat or drink during this time though, if I did I don’t think it would have lasted as long because it’s so creamy.

lipgeek swatches

The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not 
indicative of the opinions of MakeUp Revolution.
 Many thanks to MakeUp Revolution London.

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