B E A U T Y | M A Y B E L L I N E – G E L L I N E R*

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (Intense Black) Review


Where have I been? Like, where? For years I’ve been watching YouTube videos and reading blogs and for years I’ve been completely ignoring the praise for the Maybelline gel liner.

It just so happened that I finally gave in and just threw the thing into my shopping basket at ASDA while stocking up on essentials. It took me another month to even pick the thing up off of my dresser to use. I just wasn’t bothered about it at all.

So I begrudgingly got my camera out and took a few lazy snaps, did my eye makeup and then sat down to do my liner.


Let’s just get the packaging chat out of the way before I wax lyrical. 


– Unnecessary amount of cardboard packaging for such a tiny little pot but I suppose if you’re going to include a brush then you have to have somewhere to put the thing. Still, seems excessive and I’m sure there was a better way to package this thing.

– I’m not sure if it’s glass or not but the little jar feels very sturdy. I wouldn’t like to drop it on a tiled floor though.

– There’s something weirdly pleasurable about the little tin lid that screws on. It sounds really sweet. ← Odd, I know.


The packaging say that it lasts 24 hours without transfer, has intense colour and easy application. Having now tried it and (tut tut) slept in it, I can say that all of these claims are true and then some. The gel is so, so black.



The consistency shocked me a little as I expected it to be a bit firmer in the pot. It’s more like a cream and as such needs very little on the brush else it can get very, very messy. Having said that, it being so smooth made it ridiculously easy to apply and more or less did an entire wing in one go. All I had to do was go back in with a little more to tidy the edges. To get a thick line I used the flat of the brush and then the edge to get into the corner and on the tip of the wing.

The liner dries completely matte in about 30 seconds and as I said lasted me all day, in sweltering heat, strenuous activity and then through the night as well. It really is 24hr. I’m so glad I got this little pot of joy.

It is literally the BEST gel liner ever. – I can’t see myself ever needing to swap. MAC Black Track is officially off of the wishlist! Uh buh-bye.





10 thoughts on “B E A U T Y | M A Y B E L L I N E – G E L L I N E R*

  1. emlota says:

    I really like this too! I just hated my brush after a few uses as it grotty, stuck for a good replacement one now 😦 xxx


  2. bethannicole says:

    Yeah my brush got really grotty and I used my angled elf one. It surprised me how this gel liner lasted longer than my bobbi brown one, as it dried up in no time. Made me feel that I wasted my money.


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