B E A U T Y | C O L O U R C O R R E C T O R S – BY BeautyXYZ*

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Model | Nadia Umutoni
Make Up | BeautyXYZee
My beautiful babe BeautyXYZee recently completed a course down here with MINK London and is going to share some of the knowledge with my beautiful followers. You learn something new everyday. One of the essential things she learnt about was colour correcting.

bloglineZee: I’m sure we all have a little something we desperately want to cover up or hide, be it a birth mark, a tattoo or even adorable freckles. What one may want to accentuate others may want to hide completely… and yes we all do it.  I recently found out the solution. You will never look at concealer in the same way. This will also help you concealaholics who use the cake it on technique to hide imperfections.

Colour correctors are pigments that you can use to block out and balance the colors on your skin. They are usually quite dense so only the tiniest amount is needed and once you’ve warmed it up it has a barely there consistency.

How to use:


Okay, so it all boils down to the colour wheel! Don’t have one? Go buy one… now. It helps with every aspect of life, clothes, hair, shoes…. 

colour wheel

So, if you are trying to cover up a RED birth mark you would consult the colour wheel and look for the colour opposite, this is the colour that will cancel it out so a GREEN colour correcter is needed. Another example, if someone had a BLUE hued tattoo you would need an ORANGE colour corrector. The results are amazing.

Why colour correctors over a concealer? The reason you colour correct first is because this blocks out colour. Concealer is not always needed as it is a colour not a corrector. If you’re trying to cover up a blue vein with a yellow based concealer you end up with a green colour because as we all know, yellow and blue makes green. So rather than create a new colour you have to block out any existing colour, then apply foundation and go from there, this also means less layers! Less cake face.

Hope this helps guys Mwah xo



Lauren: The MAC Studio Correct and Conceal Palette comes in a range of shades for concealing and correcting according to skintone. (Light, medium, deep & dark with a variety of shades in each category). There are other affordable cream corrector palettes from brands such as ELF and MUA. – Most makeup brands will stock correcting products. You can spot them easily as they’re usually colour coordinated. Smashbox is a little pricey but they do have a really great colour correcting primer called ‘Adjust’ which is great if you’re after a lighter coverage as opposed to creams which can sometimes be quite heavy.


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