F O O D | D U M P L I N G S*


REPOST -Easy Jamaican Fried and/ or boiled dumpling recipe


My mother would have beat me about the head if I hadn't included this one as I badgered her about it for days so that I could get the images!!......

So, dumplings. A staple in many cultures but especially in Jamaican/Caribbean culture. You can go almost anywhere and get boiled or fried dumplings which are usually accompanied by chicken, pork or most often ackee and saltfish, Jamaica’s national dish. If someone calls at the house while my mum is cooking saltfish and dumplings, you can guarantee that they’ll ask her how to make dumplings. My mum Is forever showing visitors how to make Caribbean dishes because come on, they’re great, but dumplings (and fried chicken), are always at the top of the list.

When I visit home during the holidays my mum knows that dumplings and saltfish need to be made at least once! It’s one of those childhood dishes that will never leave you because it reminds you of all of your best memories. Especially like the time my sister and I were sitting up at the breakfast bar eating and I was talking to ‘my imaginary friend'(the wall). I turned to address said imaginary friend and was confronted by a spider that had slowly made its way down to eye level. Needless to say, much screaming ensued, i fell off of the stool and the dumplings and saltfish almost made its way to the floor. I managed to save it though. You can’t waste that stuff. It’s gold dust!

Just like with my previous ‘recipe’ post, the 15 Minute Meal, this has no set list of instructions or measurements. This one more so because it’s just one of those things that mums know how to make. They measure by eye and just know, you know? And dumplings are foolproof anyway so have no fear. The pictures will see you right.


What you'll need (for both recipes):

– Self Raising Flour

– Plain Four

– Cornmeal

– Salt

– White sugar

– Nutmeg (grated)

– Vegetable oil


– A large(ish) bowl to knead the dough

– A dutch pot or deep frying pan with a lid

– Deep pot for boiling

– Water to hand to add slowly


Everyone makes everything differently. This particular recipe is loved by myself and my family. My mother makes them this way because that’s how we like it. You can leave the nutmeg out if you want to but everything else is kinda necessary.

 Boiled Dumplings

– Fill the large(ish) bowl with plain flower

– Add a tsp of salt (or to taste)

– Add about a 1/4 cup of of cornmeal to the mix. The ratio should be about 3:1 / flour:cornmeal

– Mix together while dry

– Make a hollow in the center

– Put salted water into a deep pot to boil

– Slowly add water to flour mix and make into a dough

– Knead the dough. Don’t be tempted to make a bread crumb with the dough, the dumplings will break.

– Break off pieces that are about a handful in size (Told you, no/dodgy measurements)

– Roll into a ball

– Flatten into a thick disk

– Boil in a pot with the lid on for around 15-20 until they’re hard.

Boiled dumplings are best suited as a replacement for rice or an accompaniment if you really  can’t let the rice go! Ha.


Fried Dumplings

Very similar with a few alterations/additions.

– Fill the large(ish) bowl with self raising flour.

– Add a tsp of salt

– Add a tsp1/2 of white sugar or more to taste

– Grate 1/4 nutmeg into the mixture

– Mix

– Make a hollow in the center

– Add a sh*t load of oil, like a really ridiculous amount,  to a dutch pot or deep frying pan.

– Knead the dough

– Break pieces off…..

– Roll into a ball

– Flatten into a disk shape

– Place carefully into HOT oil

– Fry until golden brown on the outside

– Be sure to turn the dumplings occasionally so that all of the dough is crispy on the outside



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