P H O T O G R A P H Y | D O V E S T O N E*


A Day Trip to Dovestone Reservoir, Greenfield, Saddleworth

dovestone thumb

During the lush weather I had a little escape up to Manchester for a week and it was lovely to spend a weekend hitting the sales at the Trafford center and then a few days in the week taking long walks in the countryside and generally winding down and relaxing.

On the Monday I ended up at Dovestone Reservoir, a fantastic National Trust spot with awesome views and numerous trails to follow. We went for the simple loop which took around two hours including photo breaks. There are a couple of hardcore trails for recreational walkers and mountain bikers but generally it’s just a great place for a long stroll.

I had a really strong urge to run to the nearest dog shelter and adopt a companion as Dovestone is just one of those places that I can imagine a dog would love.

In a place as breathtaking as this it makes me glad that I live in England.  I think this may be my new zen place 🙂– I took around 200 photos but here are just a few shots from the day. – à bientôt x

No filters or editing - Camera Used - Sony Xperia Z1









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