M U S I N G S | C O C O N U T C H I L D H O O D*

Coconut Childhood. Memories and Reflections of Multi-racial Schools and Stereotypes in the Late 90's and Early 00's


As a reading assignment over the summer (one of many), we were set the task to read Maya Angelou’s first semi-autobiographical novel ‘I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings‘, a detailed account of life growing up watching the ‘sweet little white girls’ as a ‘too-big Negro girl with nappy black hair’ (p.3). Continuing on through the first handful of chapters and being mindful of themes and of course the historic context of writing I was aware, as I’m sure many hundreds of thousands before me have been, that I felt so many overwhelming similarities with Maya’s thoughts and feelings. As a result it has taken me a long, long while to actually have the courage to begin reading again. During one of the lengthy pauses in reading I got to thinking about my own experiences as a little girl, feeling more or less the same way she did and it struck me that it was only after moving to a ‘whiter’ area that these feelings became apparent.  Continue reading


B E A U T Y | S L E E K I D I V I N E H A U L*

Sleek Limited Edition iDivine Palette Haul – PPQ Supreme, Rio Rio & Arabian Nights


I did a little bit of makeup shopping this week which included some brand new bits from Sleek as they are running a 3-4-2 offer right now on their site. The iDivine palettes were my main focus but I also got myself a blush (Sahara) as well. IDivine palette’s are £7.99 and blushes are £4.99, an absolute steal for cosmetic perfection.

Sleek MakeUP’s legendary i-Divine palettes are 12 shades of super-pigmented, long-lasting, mineral based eyeshadow, designed to suit all. Each i-Divine contains pearlescent shades, which contain mica particles that highlight and illuminate giving an overall radiant effect. Available in a variety of colour ways, your i-Divine is waiting for you. 12X1.1g/12×0.03oz Not tested on animals.

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B E A U T Y | R E D C H E R R Y # 6 0 0*

Red Cherry #600 review - My New Favourite Lashes

img_20140821_134827[1]You may have seen on Instagram (@LaurenLondon94) that I recently tried out the Red Cherry #600 false eyelashes. I had originally been after the #106 because I fell in love with them when I noticed that LoisMua (one half of BeautifulDarkness here on WP)  used them in most of her makeup looks. I just thought I’d pick up something else while I was ordering as you never know…. Here they are together:

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B E A U T Y | C O L O U R C H A O S*

Makeup Revolution Redemption Colour Chaos Palette review w/swatches

SAM_2917I’m on my way home after a horrid journey from Brighton, in the back of a freezing cold recovery truck with a driver that keeps cracking the window to have his cigarettes. I’m cold, hungry and sitting in the most uncomfortable chair. I get home and on the doorstep is a delivery notice from Royal Mail…. they have a parcel for me. I’m wondering what it could be, I didn’t order anything. My boyfriend is adamant that my makeup addiction is so bad that I don’t even remember ordering things anymore. Is it? I’m not sure.

So I’m grumpy and on my way to the sorting office…. until later on when the glorious new Colour Chaos palette is unwrapped and sitting in front of me. My boyfriend is looking at me and the expression on his face just reads ‘see, you don’t even know you’re buying it’. And I’m looking at him, then looking at it and thinking maybe I did order it. Continue reading

B E A U T Y | V I N T A G E R O M A N C E*

Sleek Vintage Romance review w/ swatches & a look


I’m finally getting around to actually writing about this palette having bought it a long while ago and using it in some capacity every day (that I wear makeup). So I’m just sharing swatches and a quick ‘look.

All Sleek i-Divine palettes are £7.99 in the UK and can be found at Sleek’s website, Superdrug’s website, Superdrug stores and now in some Boots stores.  Continue reading

B E A U T Y | B E L L A P I E R R E S H I M M E R P O W D E R*


Bellapierre Shimmer Powder review


Bellapierre shimmer powder. The ultimate all-in-one mineral make up product. Shimmer powder can be combined with moisturiser, lip balm, or even a drop of water to produce a cream eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, nail polish, or any other colour cosmetic you wish to create; you can either apply it with your fingers directly, or you can use a brush, cotton bud or sponge applicator. Shimmer powders are made from 100% natural mineral pigments and are free from bismuth oxychloride, talc and other potentially harmful chemicals or fillers, so they are hypo-allergenic and suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

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B E A U T Y | I ♥ M A K E U P – M A K E U P G E E K*

I ♥ Makeup Makeup Geek Palette Review w/Swatches


Another of the gorgeous products sent to me for review was the Makeup Geek palette from the I ♥ Makeup range. It’s priced at £7.99 and is part of the slogan range. There are 36 fantastic shades from neutrals to brights. The quality is similar to the Flawless palette and are soft and easily blended. Seriously though….  less than £8 for 36 shadows?! Let’s just take a second to digest that before getting into the shades.


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S K I N C A R E | T H E B O D Y S H O P H A U L #3*

The Body Shop Haul #3

Just a quick haul from when I went to Manchester and needed a few bits.

1 | Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream - £11.00

This oil-free, gel-like moisture cream is easily absorbed and perfect for combination skin.

  • Balances excess sebum
  • Gives a matte, shine-free complexion

If I’ve used a night oil the previous evening or feel like it’s going to be one of those oil slick kinda days I opt for this. It does help with oiliness in the t-zone and nose area but it’s not a miracle cure. 

2 | Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet - £12.00

An instant cooling sensation for all day hydration. This silky-soft moisturiser hydrates and refreshes skin with an ultra-light light formula.

  • Quenches skin’s thirst
  • Feels like a burst of freshness on skin
  • Enriched with wheatgerm oil

A gorgeous cooling sorbet that smells fresh ad delicious and makes my skin look quite  radiant but without oils or shimmer. Continue reading

T H E H A P P Y L I S T | #2*

Happy List | #2


The main things that made me happy this week were family and loved ones. I went to my cousins wedding in Brighton and was able to see people that I’d not seen in years in some cases. It was just nice to be in a positive and happy environment with nice people for a change!

1 | Me and my cousin Melissa who was a bridesmaid at the wedding.

2 | The bride and groom, my cousin Nathan, cutting the cake. – Three tiers, plain, fruit and chocolate with handmade butterflies to decorate. 🙂

3 | Me and Melissa again in a selfie before the speeches began.

4 | Me attempting to eat my boyfriend’s face because he’s so tasty! – I may not always show it but I really appreciate all of the things he does for/with me and all of my crap that he puts up with.

5 | Me and my brother 🙂 Continue reading

B E A U T Y | A M A Z I N G W A T E R P R O O F L I N E R*


Makeup Revolution - Amazing Waterproof Eyeliner Review

I’ve had a good three weeks of testing out the Waterproof Liner from Makeup Revolution (£1.50) so I think it’s more than overdue a review.

Before this I was swapping between the Collection liquid liner and the MUA LUXE precision Liner but was really no longer satisfied with the pigmentation of either. Don’t get me wrong, the MUA LUXE is fatastic for £3 but as you get about half way through the felt pen’s liner supply so to speak it starts to sheer out so where originally you’d get one smooth jet black line, it starts to get patchy and very streaky.

Anyway, the little thingy is really tiny and a nice size for in the makeup bag. It also has the Revolution London insignia on the side in gold lettering but that rubbed away after one use so it doesn’t show in any images.  Continue reading