B E A U T Y | T H E M A T T E C O L L E C T I O N*

Makeup Revolution – The Matte Eyeshadow Collection review w/swatches | £5.00

I’m a sucker for a ‘collection’ and at £5 for six HUGE (3.3g) single shadows I just couldn’t not have The Matte Collection.

You can get each shade for £1 as part of the 46 strong eyeshadow collection if not all of them take your fancy. – There’s a gorgeous cream highlight/base, four different brown shades and an ultra pigmented dark blue which has a slight turquoise undertone. I love it for cut creasing.

instamakeuprevolutionThe packaging, like all Revolution single shadows has the name written on the top (which does rub off easily) and then the shade name on a white sticker on the bottom. If you own any of the MUA blushes then they’re exactly the same size as those with the same sturdy hinged closure and button. The plastic gets grubby easily and gets a few scratches here and there but you can’t, or rather you shouldn’t, grumble for just £1, so shhhh.

Touch Me | Hung Up | Mocha Love | Delicious | Mmmm | Envy


the mattes



A butter cream highlight which was surprisngly smooth and works well even on darker skin because of the yellow undertones. The name is exactly right for this shadow. I usually do swatches with brushes but decided to feel this one and my God! It is the smoothest, most creamy shadow I have EVER felt ad I own a few high end shadows which supposedly have amazing formulas. This shadow feels silky. It’s amazing!

hung up

A beautiful shades…. just not on me. It’s ok though, I’ll just call this the ‘free’ shade and then the £1 loss wont hurt so much haha! – This is a very light sort of cappuccino brown and as such looks horrid on me because it’s white based.

mocha love

As you can see from the image, you do get a bit of excess product kicking up but this is my new favourite ‘no make up, make up’ eyeshadow. Just chuck it on the lid and up past the crease and you’re literally done. On lighter skinned girls it’d look lovely in the crease or along the lower lash line for a natural smoke.

With exception to the excess product, the next two shades Delicious (a brown/grey) and Mmmm (chocolate brown) are much the same in terms of use but Mmmm is just a lot richer to the touch and is a fantastic Autumnal contour shade.




Envy certainly swatched the best out of the six colours and is absolutely beautiful. This is the gem of the bunch and is another one of those shadows that I’d pay much more money for from a higher end brand. It has epic staying power and for a matte shade it surprisingly has no fall out at all. Without a primer it’s still as strong and vivid as it is with one and you just can’t beat the quality.

As a collection on the whole I’d say they’re definitely worth the £5. You don’t get a wide variety of shades but you do get a sufficient number to be working day-to-day with and you can’t go wrong with that.


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