B E A U T Y | A M A Z I N G W A T E R P R O O F L I N E R*


Makeup Revolution - Amazing Waterproof Eyeliner Review

I’ve had a good three weeks of testing out the Waterproof Liner from Makeup Revolution (£1.50) so I think it’s more than overdue a review.

Before this I was swapping between the Collection liquid liner and the MUA LUXE precision Liner but was really no longer satisfied with the pigmentation of either. Don’t get me wrong, the MUA LUXE is fatastic for £3 but as you get about half way through the felt pen’s liner supply so to speak it starts to sheer out so where originally you’d get one smooth jet black line, it starts to get patchy and very streaky.

Anyway, the little thingy is really tiny and a nice size for in the makeup bag. It also has the Revolution London insignia on the side in gold lettering but that rubbed away after one use so it doesn’t show in any images. 


The brush inside isn’t really a brush but more of a silicon tip much like the Real Techniques Silicon Liner brush. It makes it a lot easier to get tidy lines that don’t feather. It’s also perfect for thin lines near the inner corner and a riddiculously straight edged wing.


There’s very little to say with this one other than that it’s my new favourite and works spectacularly for such a low price. What more do you really want from a liquid liner? It’s jet black and lasts all day. It doesn’t flake or crumble and comes off easily with an oil based makeup remover or some baby oil despite being completely budge proof during the day or night.


Here’s an arty farty sideways selfie from my Instagram page that shows just how versatile the liner is. You can get thin and thick lines and really crisp edges. My new ♥


11 thoughts on “B E A U T Y | A M A Z I N G W A T E R P R O O F L I N E R*

    • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

      It’s drugstore, yeah. It’s slowly being rolled out to Superdrug stores. They started with the major ones ie London Marble Arch, Nottingham, Glasgow etc… You can find a full list on their Facebook page which they update when a new store gets it. Or you can shop all of the products on Superdrug’s website with free delivery over £10 or at makeuprevolutionstore.com. Prices start at £1. – There are loads of reviews of their products on my blog (more to come) and on other blogs and on YouTube too. xx


        • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

          I know exactly what you mean. Some living in London I have stated to spend a little more on makeup what with all of the beauty halls but I’ll always be a drugstore girl. – MUR do a whole load of high end dupes too like the Naked palettes and Too Faced Chocolate Bar which is my favourite!!


          • elfypie says:

            Oh yes i have the Naked 2 palette but then i found the MUA dupe and i was like…’DAMN’! Ah really? I have been loving Too Faced’s products but never had the strength to buy anything haha, so i will definately have to look!:)


  1. ohtogoawandering says:

    I used to love the Collection one, the first tube I bought was amazing but then when I bought a second one it was suddenly rubbish- it crumbled so soon after application. Don’t know if I just got a bad one second time around but it was like they’d changed the formulation or something. Will definitely have to check this out instead!


  2. elfypie says:

    I think that your blog is absolutely lovely and so I have nominated you for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’! Go onto my blog and click onto my latest post for more details:)


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