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Common White Girl / Common Black Girl Tag


Dawn Melissa mixed it up for us over on her blog and YouTube channel with the Common Black Girl / Common White Girl tag. The questions showcase the stereotypes surrounding skin colour but is done in quite a humorous way with the exception of one question. I’ve been being told I’m a ‘coconut’ or a ‘malteser’ by friends and family for years but just because I don’t act a certain way, it doesn’t make me any less black than the next (black) person……. – It cracked me up watching Dawn’s answers and have been searching YouTube for others since. Here’s my response!

Do you drink Starbucks?

Nope. I’m a Costa kinda girl. Every time I go into Starbucks it just smells so EXTRA. Like, ‘can you smell our exotic roasted coffee beans that we got from outer Mongolia and made a rich blend with Fairtrade goji berries to create this…’… SHUT UP! – I’m a big fairtrade supporter for the record, Starbucks just annoy me with it.

Favourite Starbucks drink:

Water? – If I’m forced to go with friends I’ll just have a bottled drink from the fridge.

How many fake beauty items do you rock on the daily?

Uh, one… my hair. People always seem to think that my nails are fake too on account of them being so long and pained with gel polish but they’re not. I think people just assume because I’m black and have long nails that I must have had them done at a salon in Brixton.

How do you usually style your hair?

Weave all day errr day. – I thought about going back to box braids but was never sure they suited my face when I had them for four years so I decided against them. Besides, they can get really heavy.

Do you like chicken/watermelon?

I’m a pescetarian so SHOCK HORROR, I do not like or eat chicken. Every time I say I don’t eat chicken people are always there like ‘you’re not black’. Well, you know, I am……. I also despise watermelon or watermelon flavoured things.

Do you take pictures of your food before you eat it?

If it looks good yeah. You wont catch me in McDonald’s snapping pics of my fries though.

Do you have any white friends?

I don’t have very many true friends. – I have lots of people who I know and am friendly with and the majority are white. When you grow up with very few black people around you you’re either going to be a loner or know lots of white people. Go figure.

Are you racist?


Have you ever been told you talk like a white girl?

Yes. When I speak PROPERLY. Pfft.

Do you say LOL or OMG out loud?

Everyday. I do prefer ‘Oh My God’ to OMG, but still.

Did you vote for President Obama just because he's black?

If I was American I might have.

Do you have a booty?

Uhm….. Yes, I guess, but I think it’s on the small side.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Ha. Booooooy. Including a shower? Anything up to two hours but that’s because I eat my breakfast and catch up on YouTube in the morning. I don’t feel ready to start the day without that routine.

Do you own a lot of clothes?

The average amount although since moving to London I do find myself shopping a lot more than I used to.

Do you wear the same clothing item more than once?


Do you wear makeup everyday?

Only if I’m going out or if I know that someone is coming over to the house. There’s no need to force the gargoyle face on people.

Can you dance?

I have rhythm but whether that translates into dancing is another thing. I like to dance….. I like the sensation but who knows what I actually look like when I’m doing it.

How many tweets do you have?


Instgram, Twitter or Tumblr?

Instagram – The addiction is real @LaurenLondon94

Do others insist that you speak very loudly?

When drunk/intoxicated, yes.

How many selfies do you take on a daily basis?

I only take selfies if I have makeup on so not daily. – I can take anywhere between 5 and 50 in one session. Sometimes you get it straight away sometimes you don’t haha

How many Instagram followers and pictures do you have?

226 | 255 – I think I’ve taken a few more pictures but I delete them all of the time so it’s probably more like 300.

Has anyone ever told you that you're ghetto and/or ratchet?

Having a gay best friend I get that frequently but he doesn’t mean it. I hope. – Bye Felicia!

What do you spend most of your time doing?

Reading. I couldn’t function without reading daily.

Who are your favourite YouTubers?

BritPopPrincess, Emma Pickles, ItsJudysLife, EasyNeon, EmilyNoel…. EssieButton – I could go on and on.

How many times have you seen Love & Basketball?

Uhm, never?

How many times have you watched Mean Girls?

Not very many considering I know all of the words. I think I’ve seen it less than ten times.

Have you ever dated a white guy?

I’ve never dated a black guy if that answers the question?

Team 'Light Skin' or Team 'Dark Skin'?

Who included this? Pfft. – I’m team Edward so I guess that makes me Team Light Skin, huh?

If you were at a gift shop and came across the cute name magnets and key chains would you be able to find your name?

No, but that’s not because I have a ‘ghetto’ name it’s because I have a common white girl name and Lauren is always sold out! I can find Laura and deface the thing with a sharpie but Lauren is never there.

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2 thoughts on “T A G | C O M M O N B L A C K / W H I T E G I R L*

  1. Dawn Melissa says:

    Omg lol (I say it all the time too) I love your answers. I think I laughed out loud when you were like, “obviously” to the question asking if you wear the same clothing item more than once. I have to check out those favorite YouTubers you listed- I haven’t heard of some of them. Great post!

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