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I ♥ Makeup Makeup Geek Palette Review w/Swatches


Another of the gorgeous products sent to me for review was the Makeup Geek palette from the I ♥ Makeup range. It’s priced at £7.99 and is part of the slogan range. There are 36 fantastic shades from neutrals to brights. The quality is similar to the Flawless palette and are soft and easily blended. Seriously though….  less than £8 for 36 shadows?! Let’s just take a second to digest that before getting into the shades.






As you can see, there’s a real wide range of colours and some truly stunning hues. I usually hate blue eyeshadow but these brights are lush!!


There aren’t any shade names but I’ll be swatching in columns…..


Three lovely matte browns and a butter cream highlight, the second is a metallic grey/brown.


All four of these are metallic. Looking at them I thought they’d look fantastic using the aqua seal primer but after swatching them, it’s obvious that they don’t need it at all. This formula in particular is ridiculously soft and smooth and richly pigmented. Using a primer would be like adding steroids!


I’ve become a convert to these types of shades. I used to love looking at them but hate using them, now I love to use them too. I used a mix of the second and third shades on the inner half of the eye this past weekend at a wedding and it stayed put with no primer from around 10am to 1am the next day. Just perfect.


I’m in love with the rusty orange/reds here in the quartet, the last one in particular which is a beautiful matte. I don’t know what it is about them, they’re just beautiful.


The pretty pinks. Although there are two obviously bright and beautiful shades, my favourite is the second. It isn’t quite showing up but it’s actually a beautiful peach/pink. I’ve been using it most days on the lid and am really glad that it’s included in the palette even though it’s so simple.


You’ve probably seen me say this a thousand times when doing reviews but I absolutely HATE blue eyeshadow… on everyone. That is, until now. When I first did these swatches I thought yeah, great, blue, pretty but it’ll never be used. It wasn’t until I bought a gorgeous royal blue top in the Zara sale that I just decided on a blue look randomly one morning (at the bottom of the post). You do need a primer for the last shade otherwise it’s one of those that you can add and add and add and in ten minutes it’s like you never used anything. Overall I’m most impressed with these four shades, including the pretty pink/lilac which is very pretty.


I’ve always been a lover of purple shadows as I think they really compliment my skin tone, especially on the lower lash line. The only thing I’m disappointed with is the first shade, it just comes off a bit too silver considering it’s lilac in the pan.


These four beauts are very mermadic. I’m a sucker for a gold/green mix and know when I get around to using these in the Autumn that these will all be gorgeous.


When I look at these four shades I can immediately see a look formulating. I only wish I were a ‘night time’ type person so I could wear it out!! – The black rivals the darkness of Sleek’s Noir which is in my opinion, the blackest black. Also, if you love the midnight blue/black as much as I do, then MUR also have a loose pigment called Antic which is very very similar.

I’m just so glad that MUR sent me this palette, I knew as soon as it was released that I would NEED to have it. The quality is amazing for the price and I recommend this hands down if you’re after a bright palette that isn’t purely matte and can be used for all occasions.


The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of MakeUp Revolution.




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