T H E H A P P Y L I S T | #2*

Happy List | #2


The main things that made me happy this week were family and loved ones. I went to my cousins wedding in Brighton and was able to see people that I’d not seen in years in some cases. It was just nice to be in a positive and happy environment with nice people for a change!

1 | Me and my cousin Melissa who was a bridesmaid at the wedding.

2 | The bride and groom, my cousin Nathan, cutting the cake. – Three tiers, plain, fruit and chocolate with handmade butterflies to decorate. 🙂

3 | Me and Melissa again in a selfie before the speeches began.

4 | Me attempting to eat my boyfriend’s face because he’s so tasty! – I may not always show it but I really appreciate all of the things he does for/with me and all of my crap that he puts up with.

5 | Me and my brother 🙂

6 | A real throwback of my mum on her wedding day with my gran who sadly couldn’t be with us all to celebrate with Nathan and Emily. Still, thinking of her made me happy this week.

Annnnd, a song that I can’t get out of my head….






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