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Makeup Revolution Redemption Colour Chaos Palette review w/swatches

SAM_2917I’m on my way home after a horrid journey from Brighton, in the back of a freezing cold recovery truck with a driver that keeps cracking the window to have his cigarettes. I’m cold, hungry and sitting in the most uncomfortable chair. I get home and on the doorstep is a delivery notice from Royal Mail…. they have a parcel for me. I’m wondering what it could be, I didn’t order anything. My boyfriend is adamant that my makeup addiction is so bad that I don’t even remember ordering things anymore. Is it? I’m not sure.

So I’m grumpy and on my way to the sorting office…. until later on when the glorious new Colour Chaos palette is unwrapped and sitting in front of me. My boyfriend is looking at me and the expression on his face just reads ‘see, you don’t even know you’re buying it’. And I’m looking at him, then looking at it and thinking maybe I did order it.

Turns out, I didn’t. The beauts at MUR HQ kindly sent me this brand new palette to try out and oh my…. (!!!)

Colour Chaos is one of six Salvation palettes and can be your for just £6 from MUR or from Superdrug and selected Superdrug stores.

“Our most explosive ‘Salvation’ Palette yet…meet COLOUR CHAOS. Containing our brightest and most impactful colour shades yet. Experiment & Go Create, with our super pigmented 18 shade palette containing both Matte and Shimmer Shades in a Professional Palette with full size mirror and applicator.
Love the Shades – Break Rules – Cause Chaos!”

bloglineAs standard with MUR you get the shades of the palette printed on the back. Usually, to me, these are a bit off but this time around the shades match up exactly.SAM_2918



SAM_2919There was a little bit of multicoloured dust on the outside of the packaging (inside the box) when I first ripped off the bubble wrap in the car but none of the shadows were damaged, it must have just been a factory thing. The palette is sleek and black and very prone to finger prints as you can see!! I keep mine in the original sleeve.






There’s a full sized mirror which is more than adequate to do your entire face as well as your eyes if the need arises as well as a double ended applicator.





As the packaging says, you get twelve shimmer shades and six mattes. The shimmers are in rectangle pans, the mattes are in circular pans. The shade names are (in rows):

Gleam | wkd | Tom Tom | Pink Obsessed | On A Mission | Over-Bored Needed To.. | Me Three | Do It Now.. | Toxic Apple-tini | Ammunition | Deliver Me Super Y | My Demons | TipX | I said Go | Beyond Real | Calm Me Down

I swatched these really awkwardly in columns of three starting with Gleam, Needed To… & SuperY!


Gleam is the best performing shade in this palette. It’s just a straight up silver shade, no messing about, just glamorous sparkle. It reminds me more of a pressed pigment than a plain shadow. It needs hype!


I love the name wkd because it is the exact shade of its namesake. The payoff is great too and after my blue eyeshadow conversion, I’m looking forward to a using it. I also really love Me Three. I love purples, especially in Autumn which is coming up so fingers crossed for plenty of use and pretty shadow days.


I love all of these but TipX just tips the scale a little  because of the crafty shade name and the awesome pigmentation. I don’t know that I’ll ever need such a white white but….. If I ever do…..


Toxic Apple-tini is my favourite shade in the whole palette.. It may not be the most richly pigmented but it’s certainly the most interesting colour with the most dimensions. It’s green, but it’s red but it’s apple but it’s so, so beautiful.


Ammunition and On A Mission. All you need do is look. I absolutely love teal and purple as a combo together nd often use the two colours as liner because I just think it suits brown skin. These two shades in particular along with Deliver Me (↓) are the most richly pigmented and soft shades. These babies are rivaling my more expensive shadows and as always with my swatches, that’s without a shadow or a base.


Over-bored is fantastic with a blue liner or white base to really bring out the colour and I’ve enjoyed this over the past week as a lower lash line colour. I think I’ll do a very neutral chocolate type look one day next week with a wing in Over-Bored. It doesn’t swatch too well initially but you can’t judge the performance of a shadow on an arm swatch. You have to try it for yourself with different tools before you know if it will work for you and luckily, this particular colour works fantastically for me.

I’m also shadowgasming over Deliver Me because of its deep, dark mermaidyness. It’s lust at first sight!

The only issue you may have with this palette is…..


… but you know what? I don’t care. Not one jot. The colours are fantastic and Deliver Me alone is enough to make me want to buy this palette. It doesn’t matter at all to me that there’s a little bit (ok, a lot) of fallout. Just use a paper towel or something similar to shield your face or just do your eyes before your foundation and you’ll be set, no problem.

I’ve swatched the Urban Decay Electric palette (£38!!!) like mad in store and never bothered buying it even though I was so very desperate to own the thing!! But you can see clear resemblances between the two. I don’t know about it being a complete dupe because obviously I’m not jammy enough to own the thing but the MUR Colour Chaos palette is more than enough for me. So much so that I may never need to buy the UD version.

So really apart from Calm Me Down and my new babe TipX, I don’t much care for the matte shades, I have the Acid Brights palette for that. The other twelve shades? Yes, just perfect. You honestly can’t go wrong with this palette, even if you’re a neutral girl, just wet a brush and use any of these as a liner and suddenly your look will be transformed. Go to Superdrug, go now, run!

Ok, bye!


The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of MakeUp Revolution.

7 thoughts on “B E A U T Y | C O L O U R C H A O S*

    • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

      I’m not very good at getting colour to show up on my eyes in photographs so I don’t know if I can do that for you Sukriti. – I will say though that you want be disappointed if you get this palette. If brights are what you’re into then this is by far the best drugstore palette you’ll find. Trust me, I’ve tried them all. – Glad you loved the post and thanks for the follow on Instagram xx


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